Mothers prepare to ‘Render Another Ugly Method’

Mothers (photo: Jon Ching) Indie rock band Mothers will release their sophomore album, Render Another Ugly Method, on September 7, 2018. They'll follow the release with a nationwide tour launching on September 19. Mothers first caught the attention of college kids and bloggers alike with their debut record, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired. Hailing from Athens, Georgia, the band has now put down roots in Philadelphia, signing with Anti- Records for the new LP. Catch the teaser for new song "Baptist Trauma" here: Currently touring with Lucy Dacus and Japanese Breakfast, Mothers will be making [...]

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Noise Pop: Mothers at Brick + Mortar

Mothers (photo: Kaiya Gordon) As the Friday night crept towards Saturday morning, Kristine Leschper of Mothers took the stage at Brick and Mortar. The room was hushed and expectant; fans huddled together as moths on a lamp. It was the first time the venue had been quiet all night, and I felt as though that silence encased the audience in velvet. Mothers’ music is vicious in its exacting descriptions of bodily turmoil and hurt: “This is me, combing your hair in the wrong direction," Leschper sings on “Copper Mines.” And at their best, that feeling of intimate unease is carried from Mothers’ [...]

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Review + Photos: Band of Skulls, MOTHERS at The Fillmore

Band of Skulls (photo: Jon Ching) Last night's show at The Fillmore was a nice sample of the spectrum of modern rock music. MOTHERS showcased an introspective and melodic side of indie rock, full of intricate instrumentation and tight composition. Seemingly sporadic bursts of sounds proved to just be well-rehearsed and purposefully woven into their distinct style, all the while the fullness of Kristine Leschper's vocals strung everything together, defining their opening set. Leaning into and summoning the crowd, Band of Skulls led their headlining spot with fervor. Acclimated from the UK and making their way through their North American [...]

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Show up early for MOTHERS at The Fillmore next week

Through word of mouth, you might have already heard of MOTHERS. But after the released their debut album earlier this year, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, they are on the tip of everyone's tongue and gaining a well-deserved, solid following. Their music is a melodic blend of jangly folk and dreamy indie rock, all caressed with frontwoman and band founder Kristine Leschper’s lyrics of interpersonal predicaments and ponderings. Through pensive in atmospheric sound, their live performance is dynamic and captivating and one not to be missed. Hardworking and well practiced, MOTHERS has supported of Montreal, Car [...]

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Recklessly Reserved: Mothers to play the Rickshaw Stop

With song titles as straight-faced as “It Hurts Until It Doesn’t” and “Hold Your Own Hand,” you’d think the debut album from Mothers — the Georgia quartet guided by songwriter Kristine Leschper — would be an unsympathetic and cynical listen. Instead, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired is an unguarded reflection that is poetic in its lyrical austerity and expansive in its melodic perspective. The band co-headlines The Rickshaw Stop with Car Seat Headrest next Thursday, and the show promises both heartache and increased heart rate. Leschper’s singing doesn’t pack a punch so much as it rips [...]

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