Premiere: More Fatter debuts ‘Fatterludes’

(photo: Zach Bell) More Fatter is back, with a batch of crispy funk tunes to warm up your chilly Bay Area apartment in these coming winter months. Featuring “Yeah You” and “Silly Goose,” which The Bay Bridged covered earlier this year, this is the EP for you if you’re getting a little sick of solemn indie jams. On this project, the band wanted to celebrate the wildly colorful and chaotic range of life — and though there are moments of darkness on this project, this group of charming choir boys will have you grinning through the ups and the downs. [...]

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More Fatter announce first California tour

Bay Bridged favorites More Fatter are bringing their spirited pop-funk tunes on the road! Specifically onto Highway 1, as they travel up and down the California coast, stopping in a number of cities to bring the funk. Summer is officially upon us, and though their last single “DTR” had a darker tone than their previous releases, it still carries a beautiful groove that will pair wonderfully with a day at the beach. The full-band entrance about halfway through “DTR” is a shock to the senses — a wave crashing over the listener — and is followed by a wailing, melancholy [...]

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More Fatter premiere “Silly Goose”

Local funk outfit More Fatter’s latest track continues their trend towards poppier tunes. “Silly Goose” chronicles some of the petty annoyances that come with relationships. Backed by gang vocals in the explosive pre-chorus, lead singer Márk Fédronic cheekily shouts “You know I like that Granny Smith / You always get that Fuji shit,” lamenting his partner’s subpar choice in apples. These moments of trivial frustration that burst from an otherwise soft and groovy song add texture and dichotomy to what would otherwise be a subdued effort. This track does seem to be heavily influenced by artists like Chance and the [...]

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A wholesome turn-up with More Fatter’s “Yeah You”

(photo: Jewel Molejona)>/small> In a world full of heavy, electronic dance tracks, it can be refreshing to turn to something that sounds more organic but doesn't compromise any of the fun. More Fatter’s latest track “Yeah You” is the perfect breath of fresh air. It’s rare to find a song with traditional funk instrumentation that fits in your Friday-night-let's-go-out playlist, but “Yeah You” seamlessly bridges the gap between classic funk and modern pop. Lyrically, the song touches on themes of love and relationships. There’s an inherent melancholy to all love songs, a feeling that perhaps they’re too good to be [...]

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What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Dec 21 – 23

Have you been good enough for Krampus this year? Friday, December 21 Killer Whale @ Bottom of the Hill In addition to the up-and-coming Killer Whale on this bill is The Bernal Buzzard And The Richmond Rhythm Review, a project of Pete Fields of Trainwreck Riders and Slow Motion Cowboys. Too $hort Camp Fire Benefit @ 1015 Folsom The Oakland originator raises funds for Camp Fire relief with a little help from Aux Cord, Sean G, Nanosaur and more. Y0Y, 100Fire, Nyre @ Hotel Utah Dreamy and a little bit dark, this lineup of Northern and Central Californian psych and [...]

Giveaway: More Fatter at Rickshaw Stop

More Fatter self-describes their sound as “Choir Boy Funk,” bringing layered vocal harmonies and a ton of upbeat energy to their recorded songs and live performances alike. Their music is uplifting and extremely danceable, with a jam-band aesthetic that never misses a beat. The friendly atmosphere cultivated by the onstage chemistry of the band members is empowering and inviting, and puts the audience on somewhat equal footing with the band itself. Check out the video below for a preview of their upcoming track "Yeah You," out January 25. More Fatter will be playing at Rickshaw Stop on Friday, December 21 [...]

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More Fatter combines raw funk and jazz on ‘where are you’ LP

On Saturday, June 3, Bay Area funk and jazz-rock fusion band More Fatter will appear at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco for the official release party of its debut album, where are you, out May 30. The five piece band, led by vocalist/guitarist Tommy Economou, bassist Adam Heymann, drummer Danny Chiapelone, and the brothers Fedronic on horns (Marc on trombone and keys and Theo on trumpet), have tapped into a combination of raw funk and carefully studied jazz that makes their eight-track debut a smash. Imagine John Coltrane debuting an album with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you might have a [...]

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More Fatter: SF funk band debuts new song, show tonight

San Francisco's newest funk, rock, and jazz fusion experiment More Fatter just released the first taste of their upcoming album. Mr. Dassey by More Fatter "Mr. Dassey" opens with a silky series of tones from bassist Adam Heymann and a rich vocal melody complete with hair-raising harmonies over a soft drum click, creating a gentle and inviting first minute. But as the song approaches the halfway point, the intensity kicks up a few degrees. Lead vocalist/guitarist Tommy Economou's voice digs a bit deeper as the drumming of Danny Chiapelone and the emergence of the horn section,  trombonist/keyboardist Mark Fedronic and his [...]

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