Live This Month: December 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #294)

Live This Month: December 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #294) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Few new albums and winter conditions mean that there's a seasonal dip in the number of bands hitting the road and coming to town in December. A dip, however, doesn't mean that there aren't noteworthy highlights, including the return of former locals Moon Duo, whose latest LP, Circles, came out earlier this year. As luck would have it, Moon [...]

Video: Moon Duo – "Sleepwalker"

Moon Duo — the psych-rock brainchild of Ripley Johnson (guitarist for Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada — recently dropped the official video for their track "Sleepwalker". The song opens the band's forthcoming LP Circles, out October 2nd, 2012 on Sacred Bones Records (preorder the album here). The "Sleepwalker" video premiered on NPR last week and was made by Berlin outfit Hylas-Film. King Khan (of King Khan and The Shrines) makes a guest appearance as a jazzercise guru/mystic, leading a group of leotard-clad women and short-shorts and tube sock-wearing dudes in what resembles a tripped out take on Olivia Newton-John's classic [...]

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Psychic Ills and Moon Duo release split 7" on Sacred Bones Records

Psychic Ills and Moon Duo have teamed up to release a 7-inch split of psych rock awesomeness. The split 7-inch is out now on Sacred Bones Records, with a Limited Edition pressing still available for die hard fans and collectors, and it features two excellent tracks, Moon Duo's "Zoned" and Psychic Ills' "Take Me With You". "Take Me With You" finds New York's Psychic Ills chugging away at a murky, relatively straight-forward road anthem. More abstract sludge pop musings can be found on the band's recent Hazed Dream LP. Take a listen below, courtesy of Sacred Bones (via SoundCloud): Psychic [...]

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Moon Duo release 'Mazes Remixed'

Hearing the word "remix" tagged on the end of a given song, you'd be forgiven for thinking that some DJ has taken said song, thrown a hip-hop or dance beat beneath it, done some perfunctory rearranging and added scratching or Kaos Pad filter sweeps to taste. At least, I'd like to think you'd be forgiven for that, since that's the place my mind automatically goes when I see the word in question bound by parentheses. But for Colorado-via-SF psych act Moon Duo, remixing seems to mean getting a handful of friends, label mates and genre contemporaries and saying, "Hey! Dudes! [...]

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Moon Duo – “Horror Tour”

MOON DUO - Horror Tour by souterraintransmissions Ex-SF/now-CO band Moon Duo has a new, Halloween-inspired 12" called Horror Tour -- dig that excellent cover art above. The record was available on the band's European tour, but copies will also be available at Aquarius and a handful of other stores nationwide. Of note: the title track is the only one from the four-song set with vocals.

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Mixtape: The Ones That Got Away (Podcast #255)

This episode is sponsored by BottleRockIt. Mixtape: The Ones That Got Away (Podcast #255) Our recent Regional Bias fundraiser concert featured the final local performance by Royal Baths before the band relocates to the East Coast, a fact that got us thinking about the many active artists who have left the Bay Area for other pastures in recent years. As an organization founded to champion local music, we focus on bands while they live here, but there's always a lingering feeling that great bands that depart are "the ones that got away." This podcast is a mix featuring thirteen bands [...]

Two great Aquarius Records in-stores this month: Moon Duo today, Mitchell & Manley 4/17

Likely having something to do with how much adoration the band has for San Francisco, Moon Duo will be performing at Aquarius Records today (6pm, free). The in-store precedes their show at Bottom of the Hill tonight with Royal Baths and Lilac. Moon Duo has hardly planted their roots in Colorado since leaving the City -- they're making their way down from the Pacific Northwest supporting their new record, Mazes (Sacred Bones). A Denver show on Saturday wraps the national leg of the tour, then it's off to Europe until May for the Duo (full tour dates here). Moon Duo [...]

Listen to Moon Duo’s new album at self-titled

Over at self-titled right now, you can stream Moon Duo's new album Mazes, out now on Sacred Bones. Additionally, Ripley Johnson from the Duo provided song-by-song commentary, discussing how the new record was influenced by the band's decision to leave San Francisco for Colorado. About the album's final track: Another song about leaving SF. I have a line in here—”I like to talk a lot, about being gone”—which will make sense to friends of mine. For years I would talk about cool places I’d like to live but never pull the trigger. Part of that is because San Francisco is [...]

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Moon Duo – “Mazes”

Moon Duo - "Mazes" With Mazes out on March 29th on Sacred Bones/28th on Souterrain Transmissions in Europe, Colorado-by-way-of-SF band Moon Duo are touring the US starting later this month. The Duo's minimalist, churning rock and roll has already resulted in two great records, and the decidedly pop turn on the new album's title track suggests an unexpected and exciting new direction. According to Souterrain Transmissions, that new direction also meant using outside recording studios for the first time, including sessions in SF and Berlin: [Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada said:] “We wanted to do something in a more ‘rock 'n' [...]

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