Don’t miss Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret Christmas spectacular

Every Misfit Cabaret exceeds expectations, and this one promises to be particularly great. Frontwoman, emcee, and all-around superb talent Kat Robichaud and her gang of merry misfits have crafted a Christmas spectacular that will take on your favorite holiday specials. With a live band (headed by Brendan Getzell, host of the Hotel Utah open mic), a drag queen (Carnie Asade), burlesque (Frankie Fictitious), a special musical guest (Kendra McKinley), aerials (Chewbacca — yes, Chewbacca), and gremlins, the night holds untold promises. Robichaud, as talented a songwriter as she is a singer, also writes and premieres two original songs for each [...]

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