Photos: Here Tonight: A Tribute to Gene Clark at The Chapel

Here Tonight: A Tribute to Gene Clark (photo: Kristin Cofer) Last Thursday saw a touching tribute to The Byrds' Gene Clark at the Chapel under the title  Here Tonight: A Tribute to Gene Clark. Gene Clark's son was in attendance for the tribute that ranged from Kelley Stoltz, Golden Void, Magic Trick, Sweet Chariot, The Richmond Sluts, Kai Clark and Midnight Sons. Check out the gallery from the night below that our photographer Kristin Cofer captured.

Get to know: Midnight Sons

When we released our Bay Area twang mixtape, we KNEW there would be some omissions. When there's so much going on around the Bay, it's inevitable when you try to provide a complete overview of a scene in an hour-long mixtape. In the comments, someone brought one such omission to our attention that I'm going to share with you right now: San Francisco's Midnight Sons. Midnight Sons got their start in what some might think would be the last place in the world for a country band to originate: San Francisco's Tenderloin. However, when you listen to primary songwriter Nick [...]

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