Giveaway: The Bay Bridged presents Michael Zapruder’s Farewell to SF

The Bay Bridged is proud to present The Michael Zapruder Farewell to SF show! The show will take place Friday, June 5 at the Makeout Room, and will celebrate 20-plus years of Zapruder’s heavy involvement in Bay Area art and music, and his decision to further pursue his education at the University of Texas at Austin Butler School of Music. Joining Zapruder at this show will be long time friend and collaborator Jon Bernson of Exray's. We would love for you to join us at Friday's show, to enjoy his accomplishments and help give him a proper farewell! We have [...]

The Bay Bridged Presents: The Michael Zapruder Farewell to SF Show, with Jon Bernson (of Exray’s)

The Bay Bridged has the pleasure to present Michael Zapruder’s Farewell to SF Show, with support from none other than Jon Bernson (Exray's). Michael Zapruder moved to the Bay from D.C. and has proven to be a prolific and unique songwriter, prioritizing group collaborations and untraditional, experimental folk arrangements.  Together with Jon Bernson and several others, Zapruder helped found the artist collective and label Howells Transmitter, curating plays, poetry, and its members' various music projects.  Zapruder also served as Pandora's head music curator, a position he designed in 2003 and led until 2011. Simply put, the man is a polymath whose [...]

Mixtape: Singer-Songwriters of the San Francisco Bay Area (Podcast #293)

Mixtape: Singer-Songwriters of the San Francisco Bay Area (Podcast #293) With its rich history of folk musicians and lyrical rockers, the Bay Area has long been a source of terrific singer-songwriters. Even today, while much of the buzz around local musicians focuses on some of our weirder (or, perhaps, more "now") rock subgenres, there continue to be numerous talented folks crafting lyrically-rich, deeply personal music. For some reason, 2012 seems like an especially strong year for local songwriters, with well-received new albums this year from beloved veterans like Mark Eitzel and Mark Kozelek's Sun Kil Moon, as well as newer [...]

Michael Zapruder drops video for new single "Florida"; playing record release show at Amnesia 11/18/12

Singer/songwriter Michael Zapruder is back with a video for "Florida", the first single off his forthcoming album Pink Thunder, due out October 16th on The Kora Records. As we told you last month, the record is a "poetic experiment" featuring collaborations with 23 different bards on a collection of "free-verse pop art-songs," and Zapruder previously released this single as a free download. "Florida" – inspired by Travis Nichols' poem of the same name in his 2010 book See Me Improving – is a moving piece about a strained father-son bond and the fear that can plague the younger half of [...]

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Michael Zapruder announces 'Pink Thunder', featuring collaborations with 23 poets

Prolific Oakland-based singer-songwriter Michael Zapruder recently announced that he would be releasing a new album, a unique collection of "free-verse pop art-songs" entitled Pink Thunder. Including contributions from 23 poets, three different engineers, and a "few dozen" musicians, the album will be released on October 16th via The Kora Records. Pink Thunder was "a poetic experiment to see what happens if poems are sung instead of spoken, when words are surrounded by music instead of silence." Poets featured on the record include Noelle Kocot, James Tate, Bob Hicok, Mary Ruefle, D.A. Powell, Dara Wier, Joshua Beckman, and Valzhyna Mort. In [...]

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Snob Theater returns Friday, 5/14 at the Dark Room

Snob Theater, the newly-introduced bridge between indie music and comedy, is scheduled to return this Thursday Friday, May 14th at the Dark Room, as presented and hosted by Kata Rokkar. Michael Zapruder - "Ads for Feelings" This month's rendition will feature Michael Zapruder and Grand Lake, as well as comedians Bill Coladonato, Kelly McCarron, Kevin Munroe, and Brandon Lynch. Grand Lake - "Louise" The show starts at 10:00 pm, costs $10, and tickets can be obtained via Brown Paper Tickets.

Best of 2009: Eli Crews of New, Improved Recording on Michael Zapruder

Michael Zapruder's most recent record, mouthfully entitled Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope, provides pleasure on multiple levels. Most striking at first, at least to the ears of an engineer, is the abundance of successful production ideas. Zapruder and co-producer Scott Solter (John Vanderslice, The Mountain Goats) provide many juicy moments for the headphone set, but always in service of the song at hand. The stylistic eclecticism of the record appeals greatly to the ADD in me, but somehow the record still seems grounded and whole -- Zapruder's voice is strong and expressive, and provides the necessary thread between piano ballads and [...]

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Stranger Dance Presents: Geographer, Michael Zapruder, Harbours @ Cafe Du Nord

The folks at Stranger Dance are presenting one heck of an all-local bill at Cafe Du Nord tomorrow night. I'm fairly certain our love for these three acts is well-documented, so enjoy some mp3s and check out some episodes of our podcast to get psyched for the show: Geographer: Feature Podcast Geographer - "Can't You Wait" Michael Zapruder: Feature Podcast Michael Zapruder - "Ads For Feelings" Harbours: Feature Podcast Harbours - "Situation" 9pm, $10, 21+.

Episode 143: Michael Zapruder

[podcast][/podcast] This week's episode is presented by KQED Interactive. This week, our podcast spotlights Michael Zapruder, an incredibly talented San Francisco singer-songwriter. Zapruder's been on our radar for quite some time, have received considerable acclaim for his 2006 sophomore release New Ways of Letting Go (Howells Transmitter). That album was a terrific blend of rock, folk and chamber pop buoyed by strong contributions from an impressive arsenal of friends and fellow musicians known as the Rain of Frogs. After many months of waiting for its follow-up, Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope arrived in late October on SideCho Records. Once he returned [...]

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Episode 139: Live This Month – November 2008

[podcast][/podcast] Every month, we dedicate a week of our podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got ten great bands playing some excellent shows this month, so head out and see some live music! About the bands: Portalnd's Starfucker ("German Love") kick off the show with a song from their self-titled debut album. The band's headlining a great show with SF bands Master/Slave (Feature Podcast) and Man/Miracle (Feature Podcast). The show's on Friday, November 7th at the Hemlock Tavern. Social Studies ("We Choose Our Own Adventures") (Feature [...]

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