Michael Stasis releases ‘RIP III’

Although Michael Stasis has left the Bay Area for LA (where else?), we're happy to see that his delightfully weird pop stylings have found a proper release on Montreal's Arbutus Records. Stasis, who in addition to his solo work also released a snowboarding concept album although neither he nor his bandmates snowboarded, has compiled something of a "greatest hits" album for RIP III, with selections from his collection of more than 200 songs. Always one to embrace the oddities of life, Stasis has also shared a video for the track "Necklace", in which he performs magic tricks to woo a [...]

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Listen to now-defunct Snowboarder's only album

I'd been sitting on Snowboarder's album for way too long, and when I finally got around to learning more about them, they were no longer a band. The brainchild of Jason Kick of Maus Haus, Michael Stasis (whose solo work has been featured on the Bay Bridged), and David Nichols, Snowboarder's only album is a concept album about, well, snowboarding. The idea is pretty funny by itself, but is hilarious when you learn that none of Snowboarder's members are actually snowboarders. The album hits a variety of pop styles and eras, teetering between brilliance and pure weirdness on every track. [...]

Michael Stasis – "Sewer Man"/"The Loving Hand"

Michael Stasis, a Philadelphia native living in Oakland, recently released his first LP entitled Chainsaw. Stasis has been in the Bay Area for less than three years, but he's well connected in the local scene. In addition to releasing several EPs of his own, he has collaborated with Jason Kick of Maus Haus on a project called Snowboarder. He even produces videos, including this great one for Battlehooch. Stasis' solo work stands on its own just fine, however. The album is full of danceable, electro heavy tracks with a few live guitars and plenty of synth hooks. Below, you can [...]

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