Interview: Toby Oler & Michael Tapscott on ‘Tapscott Sings Toby’

It's been a couple years since we've heard something new from Oakland's Toby Oler, who released the wonderfully weird OVTOV in 2012. On OVTOV, Oler wrote the songs and had a bunch of his musician friends record them for him. For his most recent release, he took a similar approach, but worked with a primary vocalist, Michael James Tapscott (of Odawas), thus creating the aptly named Tapscott Sings Toby. While OVTOV was all over the place stylistically, Tapscott Sings Toby successfully zeroes in on the elusive lounge-synth-folk-jazz genre - a cohesive theme that won't bore you. It's not quite like [...]

Mixtape: Singer-Songwriters of the San Francisco Bay Area (Podcast #293)

Mixtape: Singer-Songwriters of the San Francisco Bay Area (Podcast #293) With its rich history of folk musicians and lyrical rockers, the Bay Area has long been a source of terrific singer-songwriters. Even today, while much of the buzz around local musicians focuses on some of our weirder (or, perhaps, more "now") rock subgenres, there continue to be numerous talented folks crafting lyrically-rich, deeply personal music. For some reason, 2012 seems like an especially strong year for local songwriters, with well-received new albums this year from beloved veterans like Mark Eitzel and Mark Kozelek's Sun Kil Moon, as well as newer [...]

March’s Best: Our favorite Bay Area songs from the blog last month

Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. So much good stuff came our way in March that we've actually got a two-part mix of blog songs this time. As always, we've included links below to download each of these songs individually. Mixtape: Best of the Blog March 2012 (Part 1) Mixtape: Best of the Blog March 2012 (Part 2) Tracklisting: Mix 1 1. Grass Widow - "Goldilocks Zone" 2. Ty Segall & White Fence - "I Am Not A Game" 3. Twin Steps - "Pinkie Promise" 4. [...]

Michael James Tapscott releases new LP on Bookmaker Records

Michael James Tapscott, cofounder of psychedelic-ambient rock group Odawas, has released his brand new LP, Good Morning, Africa, on Bookmaker Records. Available as a limited edition (300 copies) 12", the LP also features Andrew Kenower, who contributed field recordings to the record. Good Morning, Africa alternates easily between dark ambient field tracks and psych-folk singer-songwriter music. What is produced is a solid psychedelic ambient journey. Take a listen to "The Last Canadian King" below:

Mixtape: Only the East Bay (Podcast #247)

Mixtape: Only the East Bay (Podcast #247) This podcast episode is part mixtape and part mea culpa. Even though our name is The Bay Bridged, we periodically get people calling us out on our SF-centric coverage of Bay Area indie music. In recognition of all of the great music coming from the other side of the Bay, this mix features only East Bay artists--15 of them--spanning a wide variety of styles and sounds. The collection shows that, just like in SF, there's a diverse batch of talent in Oakland and beyond that's well worth checking out. Subscribe to The Bay [...]

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