Living through mythology: What it means to lose a musical legend

The death of a musical icon affects some individuals more deeply than the passing of any other public figure. Music is a society’s heartbeat, and the loss of one of the culture’s driving drummers momentarily impedes the flow of daily life. It’s akin to slamming on the brakes on the freeway — it’s a jarring, jolting effect that causes the usual traffic to grind to a fractional pace. When a politician faces an untimely death, it’s tragic and has long-term consequences on a global scale — but when a musician dies it has ramifications for an entire universal consciousness. These [...]

San Franciscans reflect on Michael Jackson

Scrapbook photos from DJ Bunnystyle Facebook screamed with puns immediately following the news of Michael Jackson's death -- "His heart just couldn't 'Beat It,'" "'Do You Remember the Time,' when he was alive" -- but people on the streets and in the bars Thursday night had many things to say about life and career of the King of Pop. It was a night to recollect our first memories of MJ and marvel at the creative peaks and absurd images that characterized his long career, with everything from the immortal Thriller video (and Bollywood and Phillipines' prison variations) to the disastrous [...]

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