Review + Photos: Iron Maiden at Oracle Arena

Iron Maiden (photo: Joshua Huver) On Tuesday, September 10, the world infamous English heavy metal band Iron Maiden crawled through hellfire to shake the Oracle Arena through its core. Led by the trademark galloping of founding bassist and principal songwriter Steve Harris, Iron Maiden features a remarkably similar lineup to the band's heyday throughout the 1980s. The triple guitar threat of Dave Murray's inspired blues-rock legato sweeps, Adrian Smith's choice melodic chord voicing and the largely improvised hard rock lead of Janick Gers come together for a cacophony of sound. Drummer Nick McBrain is a monster on the drum kit. Relentless double-bass [...]

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Shredification: Saviours Two-song EP in the Bag?

Local lushes The Saviours have been gone all summer, conquering Europe like some sort of tatted-up, four-headed George Patton. The band are a remarkable feel-good story for these Ke$haful times, surmounting each successive challenge with enviable ease. Hard to believe it's been 5 years since Warship (Level Plane Records) first slid out of the drydock. After a full slate of massive outdoor festivals in the Old World and a late-summer junket on Ozzfest, the hesher quartet will return to the Bay, ten steps closer to being a headbanger household name. An Ozzfest off-date at Slim's August 10th clashes tragicomically with [...]

My Metal Month of May

The shows cropped up fast as Memorial day approached, cascading on top of each other like the hairs of a vigorously headbanged coif. Instead of trying to keep pace, I bode my time. Now, feast on these reviews, covering the last couple weeks of heavy, condensed and combined into an omnibus post, richly suffused with the connective tissue of metaphor and theme. Black Cobra at Thee Parkside, 5/14 The beginning of a landmine marathon, the first battle in a war that my eardrums were certain to lose. Local duo Black Cobra appeared at a birthday party for Pirate [...]

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