Mixtape: San Francisco’s Modern Psychedelic Sounds

This episode first appeared on KQED.org. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Psych_2017_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: San Francisco's Modern Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #406) With the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love this year, the psychedelic sounds of the Bay Area in the '60s are back in the popular consciousness. But Bay Area psych music shouldn't just be thought of as a source of nostalgia; five decades after the Summer of Love, local bands are continuing to make stellar music applying a psychedelic lens to a number of styles and sounds. Sure, there are plenty of loud, heavy guitars at work in bands like Night Shapes and [...]

Bimbo’s to host local bands next month with Dolphina Lounge Series

Bimbo's, a staple of Columbus Avenue since the 1930s, will soon open up their beautiful lounge to local bands. If you've never been there, Bimbo's is an experience. Established in 1931 by Italian immigrant Agostino "Bimbo" Giuntoli, Bimbo's is swiftly approaching a century as a landmark of North Beach. From supper club to topless bar to vintage revival survivor, Bimbo's has weathered decades of nightlife trends to remain a beloved San Francisco institution. However, as a venue it typically books national acts — and, to be quite honest, leans heavily on gimmicky dance bands and tribute acts. However, starting next [...]

An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw – "Leave Me Alone"

An Intimate Evening with Michael Shaw is a new band led by – you guessed it – Michael Shaw. A Belfast, Northern Ireland native now residing in Mill Valley, Shaw played guitar all over the Bay Area with his brother Graham's local bands Petrol and Aktion before growing tired of that circuit and taking a break a few years ago. During that time off, he started playing piano and writing what he calls "70s-style ballads." "I noticed there was a natural theme to them," explains Shaw. "They were all written about friends of mine, with flaws." The five-song Lemon EP [...]

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