Premiere: Mammatus emerges from Santa Cruz with new heavy psych jams

If you're a fan of ambitious, out-there heavy psych, you'll want to dive into Sparkling Waters, the new album from Santa Cruz heavy-prog-psych band Mammatus. The trio's fourth LP is a double album comprised of four side-long compositions, each of which has multiple movements. Today, we're premiering "The Elkhorn," which traverses a lot of ground over fifteen minutes, from heavy grooves to hypnotic synth-driven drones. It's an impressive song, well captured by SF production whiz Phil Manley. That every element of "The Elkhorn" comes together so seamlessly is a testament to the band's songwriting skill and thoughtful approach to recording. [...]

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My Metal Month of May

The shows cropped up fast as Memorial day approached, cascading on top of each other like the hairs of a vigorously headbanged coif. Instead of trying to keep pace, I bode my time. Now, feast on these reviews, covering the last couple weeks of heavy, condensed and combined into an omnibus post, richly suffused with the connective tissue of metaphor and theme. Black Cobra at Thee Parkside, 5/14 The beginning of a landmine marathon, the first battle in a war that my eardrums were certain to lose. Local duo Black Cobra appeared at a birthday party for Pirate [...]

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