Mac DeMarco to release debut full length (coming to Rickshaw Stop with Melted Toys & Surf Club, 9/14/12)

The up and coming Montreal pop crooner Mac DeMarco will bring one of his reportedly "wildly unhinged live performances" to San Francisco this summer. He will be performing on Friday, September 14th at the Rickshaw Stop, with support from local indie rock favorites Surf Club and Melted Toys. Formerly the frontman of Makeout Videotape, DeMarco released his debut Rock and Roll Night Club EP earlier this year on Captured Tracks. Described by DeMarco as "jizz jazz," his style recalls 50s rockabilly and 80s new wave with an original flair of contemporary glam and accomplished songwriting. He will follow up the [...]

Mixtape: Things You May Have Missed Earlier This Year (Podcast #280)

Mixtape: Things You May Have Missed Earlier This Year (Podcast #280) Words by Ben Van Houten When it was pitched, this episode was known informally as an "underrated bands" mix, a label that seems as unworkable as it feels insulting. In an age of increasing access to an perpetually growing volume of music, and a culture that focuses on always keeping an eye out for the next big thing, the idea that any band could hold any attention long enough to be over-/under-/rated at all seems unlikely. Forget ratings and rankings: just remembering what you like can be a challenge [...]

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