Review + Photos: Luna, Everyone is Dirty at the Independent

Photo by William Wayland Words by Sosha Young On Friday, February 7, Luna and Everyone is Dirty played to a sold-out crowd at San Francisco’s best-sounding venue, the Independent. I grew up on the East Coast listening to Luna songs and meditating on the lyrics. Now I’m an Oakland girl who dances at a lot of Everyone is Dirty shows. In the 1990s, Luna was the pub-rock band in New York and so many cool college towns of the Northeast. Now, Everyone is Dirty fills a similar role for the West Coast scene. Call me a romantic, but I [...]

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Review + Photos: Luna at the Fillmore

Luna (photo: Patric Carver) Friday night, Luna returned to the Bay Area with openers Big Search at the Fillmore. Big Search played a strong set. Their sound has the romantic charm of the college rock of the first Gulf War era, without the ashtray-licking, flannel-clad timbre of grunge vocals. Their last song of the night had the plucky, mandolin-esque guitars of Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train,” but not the down-the-drain despair of Dave Pirner’s unique vocal stylings. It different without being too unfamiliar. The same could be said for Luna’s set, in a way. Almost a year ago, Britta Phillips opened [...]

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