LSD and The Search For God release ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP

It's been about nine years since LSD & The Search For God released their first self-titled full length. It charted them within the psych-shoegaze-space music scene, and has left the band with an uncanny reputation for their mesmerizing performance and hypnotizing sound. Now the band is back with their newest EP, Heaven Is A Place. LSD & The Search For God sticks to what they do well with this release. The entire EP is laced with a hint of haze that grabs you and leads you on a dream-drenched journey. Vocals are reverbed out, the rhythm section is driving and stupefying, and the [...]

The Warlocks, LSD & the Search for God, Cellar Doors and guest DJ Joel Gion of Brian Jonestown Massacre set to hypnotize Brick & Mortar 2/16/13

Three decades of psychedelic sounds are coming together on February 16th in the intimate setting of Brick & Mortar. There will be an excess of shuddering guitars, reverberating vocals and distorted feedback to make for an evening that no psychedelic music fan should miss. Los Angeles-based rock and roll band The Warlocks are headlining the night and serving the crowd the same neo-psychedelic cocktails of shoegazey, experimental rock music that they've been crafting since 1999. Though the band's lineup began as a revolving cast of musicians, The Warlocks solidified as a five-piece outfit composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Bobby Hecksher, [...]

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