Mixtape: San Francisco’s Modern Psychedelic Sounds

This episode first appeared on KQED.org. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Psych_2017_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: San Francisco's Modern Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #406) With the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love this year, the psychedelic sounds of the Bay Area in the '60s are back in the popular consciousness. But Bay Area psych music shouldn't just be thought of as a source of nostalgia; five decades after the Summer of Love, local bands are continuing to make stellar music applying a psychedelic lens to a number of styles and sounds. Sure, there are plenty of loud, heavy guitars at work in bands like Night Shapes and [...]

LSD and The Search For God release ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP

It's been about nine years since LSD & The Search For God released their first self-titled full length. It charted them within the psych-shoegaze-space music scene, and has left the band with an uncanny reputation for their mesmerizing performance and hypnotizing sound. Now the band is back with their newest EP, Heaven Is A Place. LSD & The Search For God sticks to what they do well with this release. The entire EP is laced with a hint of haze that grabs you and leads you on a dream-drenched journey. Vocals are reverbed out, the rhythm section is driving and stupefying, and the [...]

Dreamgaze Festival expands to San Francisco

Burnt out from the crowds of stampeding human cattle that was Outside Lands? Here's a fest off the beaten path, and into the realms of weird. The Los Angeles creative collective DreamGaze is reaching its shoegaze / post-punk / dream-pop tendrils north. Plan your next Saturday, August 29,  accordingly because LSD and the Search for God will headline, with White Cloud (members of Deafheaven), Surf Club (members of Craft Spells), Balms, and many other bands performing. Spinning between sets are a slew of local DJs including Baby J (Popgang), Dometrious James (White Cloud), Jamie Jams, and more. The location is secretively "The Cave" for [...]

Medicine performing at 1015 Folsom with The Telescopes

It's already been a big week for reunion shows in San Francisco, with Television on Tuesday and Mazzy Star on Wednesday. On Thursday, Medicine will co-headline 1015 Folsom with The Telescopes, plus support from LSD and the Search for God. Greg, Katie, and Marisa of Professional Fans will DJ the front room along with Kevin Wood and Rye in the Sky. Jamie Jams and Josh Yule will DJ the main room. The original members of Medicine reunited this year to record To The Happy Few for Captured Tracks (streaming below), their first LP in eighteen years. The noisy LA shoegaze [...]

Free on Friday: Recession Proof Party at The Independent

The most common advice these days is "to give a little to get a little," which the San Francisco music community is showing full understanding of with Friday's Recession Proof Party. The Independent and Leather Feather will host a cover-free evening of live music with Tornado Rider, LSD and the Search for God, Minipop and DJ Audrock -- and the first 50 attendees will receive a complimentary show poster. Friday's bill covers the bases for most on a budget, from succulent shoegazy pop -- LSD is undeniably a homage to MBV, and Minipop, just like the name, produces small bubbles [...]

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