Love Jerks have an “Out of Body” experience in new video

Love Jerks at Filoli Garden (all photos: Patric Carver) Some people are in a band, some people are a band. Love Jerks, which is married couple Rebecca Garza-Bortman (formerly of Happy Fangs) and Bryan Garza (Scissors for Lefty), definitely are a band. The duo released their debut album Million Movies in 2018, and were on a steady climb to dominate the Bay Area rock scene until the pandemic hit. Their sound is a heart-and-soul rock sound that makes all songs sound anthemic. Combine equal parts pre-Private Audition Heart, DEVO, the Strokes, a dash of Rush (without such a Dungeons-and-Dragons focus), [...]

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Photos + Review: Love Jerks melt hearts at the Uptown

Love Jerks (photo: Patric Carver) “This first song...this song comes from a time when I was really yearning. I was very yearnful.” That’s how Love Jerks kicked things off last Thursday night at the Uptown, and it seemed like the "yearnful" feeling was shared by the house. They played to a booming crowd of eight or so people, whose collective energy started out barely qualifying for milling about. Exhaustion mixed with only the thinnest layer of mild interest in seeing some live music seemed to be the theme of the audience. These were people in want of something but not [...]

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Things get scary in Love Jerks new music video “Scary Things”

(photo: Desirée Pfeiffer) Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake (vocals, bass) are two jerks in love. So much so that they put their love towards music and created Love Jerks. Their future-sound new-wave anthems and dream-pop ballads will leave you dancing and nodding along to their music. Just before their hometown live debut during this year's Noise Pop, opening up for Superchunk and Bat Fangs, the two released the music video for "Scary Things." The video features Bryan's journey running the streets of San Francisco to get away [...]

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The Chapel’s wedding bells are ringing for two local “Love, Jerks”

To our surprise, the local favorite venue The Chapel was actually once a mortuary. But rather than dwell on the grim beginnings of the hall, two local musicians are embracing the space's name more literally to ring in their nuptials in a way only two musicians in love could: a rock opera. That's right, Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty and Rebecca Bortman of Happy Fangs are set to perform the opera they call "Love, Jerks" as a part of next week's wedding ceremony. Want a taste of what's to come? You can peep the opera's eponymously-titled track, what the two call an [...]

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