Lords of Sealand release new music video for “Architect”

Local prog-rock band Lords of Sealand are back at it with a new video for their track, "Architect", off of their EP, Found Fiction. A dramatic take on what would otherwise be an anticipated bloody mess, the video is an abstract and aesthetically appealing visual to a song with nuanced, enlightened rhythms and melodies and elegiac storytelling styles. On another plus, the video production, filming, and editing were all executed by band members Jon Illum and Dakota Salazar. It's not what you expect, but it's gorgeous and well-crafted all the same. Take a watch below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU0xJmqTaJo&feature=youtu.be  

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In The Studio: Travis Hayes

Photo Credit: Jared Swanson In The Studio is a series dedicated to detailing the creative processes of Bay Area artists, a behind-the-scenes look at the myriad personalities that make up our music community. This entry features Travis Hayes recording three new tracks at Nu-Tone Studios. Travis Hayes is a lot louder than I remember. The first time I saw the singer-songwriter perform was a rather low-key set at Amnesia which featured no more than an acoustic guitar, cello, and backup vocals for support. Now he has the Bay Area’s version of the E Street Band pushing his sound [...]

The Uneasy Truth: Financials of local bands

The Berkeley Haas School of Business is probably an unlikely place to find an aspiring musician, but that’s exactly where Zach Briefer found himself, staring down 9-to-5 mundanity and the white-collar purgatory of banking or accounting. “I knew two things,” he tells me, musing about his undergraduate days. “I didn’t want to work in an office, and I wanted to do something with music.” Briefer didn’t go into banking or accounting. He went into rock n’ roll, and it’s probably no surprise that he and his bandmates in Pistachio treat the band like a full-time job — a business with [...]

Behind the Music: How local musicians are paying the bills

You see them late into the night. They're sweaty with passion. They revel in the glory of the bright lights. They move to the beat of their own drum. And they're waking up tomorrow morning to go to work. These are your favorite local artists and believe it or not, they're punching the clock just like you and me. As tech has rolled in, musicians (and other creatives) have begun to roll out. It is harder than ever to make ends meet these days, but these artists are biting the bullet with a little creativity and doing what it takes to [...]

Balanced Breakfast: Bridging the music industry, one city at a time

Photo by Theodore Maider Every Thursday at 8am, a group of musicians, music industry professionals, and everything in between meet up at San Francisco's Piano Fight for Balanced Breakfast, a meet-up catered to tackling, addressing and learning the many facets of the music industry. Starting in San Francisco, the meet-up has spearheaded the movement toward demystifying many aspect of an otherwise difficult to navigate or cryptic industry. Along with this, Balanced Breakfast has presented numerous shows around the Bay Area (and even at SXSW) and hosted other gatherings. Later this month, Balanced Breakfast will be presenting one of their biggest [...]

Get to Know: Lords of Sealand

Bookish and proud of it, Lords of Sealand is a band that upholds the cherished tradition of nerds displaying rockstar talent.  They're not the first (check out Rush or Yes or any group containing a borderline unhealthy obsession with sci-fi imagery) but they're a rare breed in a modern music scene where prog-rock bands and indie-rock bands are decidedly separated by misconceived genre stereotypes.  Lords chose to bridge the gap and combine the two in a strangely coherent musical union.  The result is a blend of prog-indie neither too cute for Porcupine Tree fans nor too pretentious for the hipsters [...]

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