Preview: LoFi Satellites at the Ivy Room and Cafe Du Nord

LoFi Satellites are a San Francisco band putting their on twist on classic indie rock and psychedelic sounds. Their summer release “Feet to the Fire” starts with a simple, driving drum beat and a punchy bassline on top. When the distorted and reverb-drenched guitar comes in over the top of this catchy rhythm it transforms the song into something more akin to a post-rock track, setting the stage for the singer’s cheeky, whispered lyrics. If you’re interested in LoFi Satellites, check them out at either of their two SF dates below or follow them on Bandcamp and Soundcloud to stay [...]

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LoFi Satellites: Self-made in San Francisco

LoFi Satellites rehearsing at their practice space. L-R: Matthew Nance, Federico Pardo Sagueir, Jim Nunes and Marc Belluomini. Meet Marc Belluomini, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the Bay Area rock and roll band LoFi Satellites. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because Belluomini has spent the last couple decades playing rock and roll around San Francisco with his brother Brian. But LoFi Satellites is not another Belluomini duo endeavor. The last band to feature the Belluomini brothers, the Merkins, made it work for about a year before breaking up in 2010. "That was the band I first started [...]

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LoFi Satellites lead triple threat garage rock lineup at the Hotel Utah

Experimental rock and roll band LoFi Satellites will be hosting an eccentric and noise-laden bill at the Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco tonight. The show is highly recommended for fans of Explosions in the Sky, Mars Volta and high-energy punk spirits. Formed in the coastal coves of Pacifica, LoFi Satellites are a four piece rock band with a penchant for otherworldly, psychedelic audio transmissions. Their sound revolves around controlled feedback squeals, pulsating bass and a tight drumbeat. Check out this video of the song "Feet To The Fire" from their January performance at Hemlock Tavern: This show is worth [...]

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