Nick’s five favorite Bay Area releases of 2015

Ever since I started writing for The Bay Bridged I have become hopelessly insulated from the larger national music trends. Lately, all my music recommendations to friends and family have consisted almost exclusively of local acts, and ever since I stopped working at a record store I no longer have any idea of what constitutes mainstream tastes. And I don't think I'm missing much. I haven't cared about Adele since she butchered a Bond theme, Jamie XX is about as emotionally engaging as a Christopher Nolan flick, and Grimes sounds like a parody of modern pop, like music you would [...]

YASSOU, There’s Talk, and Lila Rose bring dark pop to Oakland’s Starline

Get ready for an evening of female-fronted pop this Friday night at the Starline Social Club. Actually, the term "pop" is a bit disingenuous standing on its own, because the kind of pop crafted by the evening's three acts is much more complex than what you hear on mainstream radio. The atmospheric musings of There's Talk invites a close listen and contemplation; YASSOU's sonic constructions are dense and mysterious, sometimes even imposing in their stark originality; and headliner Lila Rose's dark, intense, environment-inspired electro-rock seeks to both challenge and entice the listener with intrepid lyrics and hypnotic melodies. Rose also [...]

Live This Month: May 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: May 2015 (Podcast #362) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s probably not that surprising that this month’s mix includes two bands each from Portland (Other Lives, Wishyunu) and from Brooklyn (San Fermin, Ava Luna), but Memphis? Supported by stellar local label Goner Records, the Tennessee city’s garage rock scene is brimming with talent, and Nots and Ex-Cult both deliver intense, raucous rock and roll likely to make for some excellent live shows. Speaking of raucous, [...]

Interview: Lila Rose on the passion that inspired her new LP ‘We Animals’

Before meeting Lila Rose at a cozy coffee shop in Oakland I was, admittedly, feeling a bit apprehensive. I was expecting a particularly intimidating persona based on her haunting, passionate, sometimes enraged music denouncing mankind’s incessant destruction of the environment: a pugnacious firebrand dressed in all black to mourn a dying planet, viciously attacking anyone who stands in her way, likely to eviscerate me if I misunderstand her message or misinterpret a lyric. Reality produced a rather pleasant surprise: clad in a pink, floral-patterned vest and exquisite town boots, the Lila Rose not imagined by my slightly paranoid mind’s eye [...]

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Lila Rose releases new video “World On Fire”

Lila Rose's new music video is almost as terrifying as the cataclysmic effects global warming is wreaking on the planet. Almost. Underneath the dark imagery that depicts our dying world as a kind of martyr, however, is a haunted beauty to behold, a disaster as seductive as the singer's apocalyptic refrain, "this world is on fire." The song is part melancholy protest, part funeral dirge dedicated to a decaying environment or, as Rose puts it, "a glimpse of goodbye." It is both political and personal, the message starkly blunt and endearingly poetic. It's a spiritual lament as well as a [...]

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Lila Rose releases provocative new single/video “Confessions”

It starts with a lone woman walking through a dark forest.  She spots a telephone growing out of a bush and starts singing into it.  Then we see the people covered in cocoon-like prisons of plastic – howling, clawing, fighting for a breath of fresh air, constricted by their own innovation. Maybe I've been reading too much of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything lately, but I found Lila Rose’s new single and the accompanying music video appropriately disturbing as a stark criticism of mankind's often understated deleterious effect on the environment and how we have become products of our own [...]

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Oaktown Music Festival winners announced

The inaugural Oaktown Music Festival — which celebrates the best Oakland-based bands & solo artists — has announced this year's contest winners. The victors include Lila Rose (Best in Show) for her "Heart Machine" music video, a darkly polished, seemingly high-budget take on her Florence & the Machine + Regina Spektor inspired indie pop and singer-songwriter Emily Moldy (People's Choice) for her music video for "My Own One". Meanwhile, the best Music Video submission went to The Seshen for "2000 Seasons", best song by band to Bells Atlas for "Kazoo", and best song by solo artist to Art Elliot for "Earth [...]

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