Weekend Picks: 10/15-19

Friday: Bowery Boy Blue, Tether Horse, Lesser Lights @ House of Shields (9pm, $5) Bowery Boy Blue - "Now We Will Be Brothers" Saturday: WHY?, Au, Mt. Eerie, Serengeti & Polyphonic @ Great American Music Hall (9pm, $16) WHY? - "The Blackest Purse Sunday: Joseph Childress, Honeycomb, Jacsha vs. Jascha, Jeremy Dalmas @ Makeout Room (8pm, $7) Honeycomb - "Cough Syrup" Monday: Beach House, Papercuts @ Bottom of the Hill (9pm, $14) Papercuts - "You Can Have What You Want"

Monthly Mix: June 2009 (Podcast #170)

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/June_2009_Mix.mp3[/podcast] Our latest Monthly Mix episode of the weekly podcast includes music from nine great Bay Area bands -- some submissions we've received at TBB headquarters, some stuff we've posted on the web site recently, all really good stuff. Subscribe to the The Bay Bridged weekly podcast to get each new episode downloaded free to your iTunes the moment it's published! About all of the bands: Oakland songwriter Brian Glaze ("Leader of the Band") returns with his third LP Green Living, out July 13th on World Famous In San Francisco. He'll be at McLaren Park on July 18th as part [...]

Giveaway: AA Bondy / Lesser Lights @ Cafe Du Nord

These days it has become increasingly hard to come across more of the purist folk variety, as higher profile "indie" folk artists tend towards the orchestral, going psych, doing remixes with hip hop producers, or god forbid, using vocoders. Lesser Lights - "The Harvest Halt" Thursday's pairing at Du Nord of New York's A.A. Bondy and San Francisco's low profile Lesser Lights (Nathan Baker) promises to be a truer calling to the form -- sparseness in composition, and lyrically, historical and societal introspection trumping heartbreak and self-importance. Bondy, originally hails from Alabama, while LL's Baker once called Indiana [...]

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