Le Butcherettes’ new album is imbued with the spirit of the Bay

(photo: Lindsey Byrnes) Words by Erin Lyndal Martin Listening to Le Butcherettes’ albums is not the same as being in the crowd when Teri Gender Bender pulls out a pig’s head or spontaneously cuts her bangs onstage. Gender Bender no longer dons bloody apron — she wears red instead — but Le Butcherettes’ new album bi/MENTAL teems with all the stuff of blood. It’s passionate and bold, and it channels what it means to share a bloodline with someone. Gender Bender (aka Teresa Suarez Casio) had been working on a short film with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (of the Mars Volta and [...]

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Review: Le Butcherettes deserve your full attention

Coming back to San Francisco and finally seeing Le Butcherettes after spending a month in the hometown of Le Butcherettes (Guadalajara, Jalisco) was perfect timing, because Le Butcherettes are everything I love about being Mexican. They're what it feels like to let go of all oppression, the machismo, and the Catholic guilt I am buried under due to being Mexican and seen as a woman. They’re loud, unafraid, and proud of their nativx history. On May 15, 2018, I caught that fearlessness at the newly opened August Hall. A fearlessness that is not exempt from fear, but one that acknowledges [...]

Wednesday: Tera Melos, Adebisi Shank and Le Butcherettes @ Great American

As if we hadn't recommended enough shows to our readers this week. Here's yet another fantastic show presented by Sargent House that we just couldn't keep quiet about: Tera Melos plays the Great American this Wednesday with Adebisi Shank and Le Butcherettes (8pm, $14). The video above was directed in part by the band's own Nick Reinhart along with former Northern Californian and one-man production house, videographer Sean Stout (aka Terroreyez.tv). Playing to the strengths of the song, the creative direction precariously wanders, and has some tasty comp work (yes, I believe that is spaghetti comped in for the skateboarder [...]

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