88.9 KUSP: Where do they go from here?

After a last-ditch mayday effort, Santa Cruz and South Bay independent radio station 88.9 KUSP has failed to raise the funds required to continue operations. Hoping to raise a minimum of $300,000 by the start of May, station personnel that comprise the Pataphysical Broadcasting Foundation have since revealed that that amount only covered the estimated cost of developing the new music format. Despite promising numbers and a total of $114,000 across roughly 1,000 individual donations — for an average donation of $110 per person — showed that those who believed in the station were willing to prove it. However, the [...]

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“Mayday, M’aidez!”: Santa Cruz-based 88.9 KUSP in danger of shutting down

Independent radio is to independent music as a mug is to coffee. Yes, it’s possible to consume and serve multiple people without it, but it is certainly less burdensome to have handy. While there is no shortage of radio stations taking up space over the hill in the Monterey Bay area, there is a shortage in terms of quality and independently operated music and if 88.9 KUSP is unable to reach the fundraising goal of $300,000 by the end of April, simply put, the station will be forced to shut down. Bonnie Primbsch is the Interim General Manager of 88.9 KUSP, [...]

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