Kiddo – “Sometimes”

Santa Rosa's Kiddo is part of a small but mighty North Bay scene that deserves our attention. Since appearing on our "Best Indie Bands of the North Bay" podcast, Kiddo has added two members to become a five-piece, and on their new track "Sometimes", they put all their voices to use, and they do it in a way I'm not quite used to. At first it sounds like they're all just screaming in different keys, but they pull it back together later on for moments of harmony that lets you know it's all by design. I love it: "Sometimes" [...]

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Mixtape: The North Bay’s Best Indie Bands Download: Mixtape: The North Bay's Best Indie Bands (Podcast #341) There's a reason that Napa and Sonoma are known as "Wine Country," not "Music Country," but recent efforts have endeavored to bring the music festival experience to an area that's understandably known more for great food and drink. Over Memorial Day weekend, the Napa Valley Expo hosted the relaunched BottleRock Napa Valley, which drew tens of thousands to see Outkast, The Cure, and a lineup disproportionately heavy on '90s radio stalwarts. Just a few days ago, the Huichica Music Festival served up an indie-oriented two-day fest at the Gundlach [...]

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