Premiere: Kendra McKinley, “Plastic”

(photo: Brittany Powers) Just before the end of 2018, we tipped you off to Kendra McKinley's fun, freewheeling video for "Face to Face." Today, she's given us an exclusive peek at the video for her mesmerizing cover of Moses Sumney's "Plastic." "Plastic" comes from Sumney's atmospheric, critically-acclaimed 2017 album, Aromanticism. McKinley's video was filmed by Foxtails Brigade drummer Dominic Mercurio, who has also produced videos for Oakland artists the Seshen and Bells Atlas.

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Kendra McKinley asserts her talent in the video for “Face To Face”

It feels like the Bay Area saves its brightest tunes for the end of the year. We saw this in 2017 with the jubilant sax-fueled bridge of K Skelton's "Leather Jacket" and John Elliott's cautiously optimistic "End of the Year." Though the song has been available for a bit now, the new video for Kendra McKinley's "Face To Face" makes for a tender and weird balm to 2018. The video is also a captivating work (though, I must say, the Saran wrap near the face made me instantly nervous). It stars not just McKinley herself, but a handful of other [...]

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Kendra McKinley weighs in on looping, travel and empathy as an anchor

Kendra McKinley (photo: Deb Leal) Words by Annie Bacon Kendra McKinley’s take on indie folk is almost unclassifiable. Drawing from classical guitar and traditional chorale as much as from psychedelia, jazz standards, blues rock and beat poetry, her songs are awash in originality. She released her sophomore album TreaT last year and its striking musicality places her in the company of a handful of Bay Area women – including Thao Nguyen, Merrill Garbus, Madeline Kenney, and Jay Som – defining the indie scene at the moment in the Bay. Though McKinley isn’t yet receiving the national attention of some of [...]

What’s Happening This Week? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Dec 19 – Dec 22

This week catch live performances of A Charlie Brown Christmas with music provided by the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Symphony Hall. Monday, December 19 Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker @ The Warfield Opening for this holiday heavy-hitter will be 20+ Musical Wunderkind violinist and cellist prodigies, young "pre-professionals," accompanying the principal ballerina in Saint-Saëns’ classic “Dying Swan.” Dimond Saints, Gladkill @ The New Parish Wormhole's sensory explosion show series of Burner-esque tendencies will be donating all proceeds towards victims of the Ghost Ship fire and their families. Tuesday, December 20 Nyre @ El Rio Our most recently featured local [...]

Kendra McKinley and Emily Afton take over the Bimbo’s lounge

In November, a North Beach mainstay signaled a new monthly music series featuring local artists for dirt-cheap. The Dolphina Lounge Series, within the walls of Bimbo’s 365 Club, will host Kendra McKinley and Emily Afton this month on Tuesday, December 20. This show marks a perfect combination of musicians who dangled a full album's worth of new music in front of us for most of the year. Jump below to browse through both 2016 releases. Throwing the initial singles our way over a year prior, a much awaited follow-up to McKinley’s Chestnut Street was released in June. If someone in [...]

The Bay Bridged Band-To-Band Relay: First Edition

Words by Annie Bacon In this age of oversaturation, musical curators are so important to those who need help sorting the wheat from the chaff. Algorithms chime in on this quest as Spotify and other services attempt to pinpoint our musical desires through playlists, but individual curators become important through their work in magazines, online media. As part of The Bay Bridged’s ongoing desire to curate and deepen your awareness of your local music scene, we have created the Band-To-Band Relay. Each month we’ll start off with a single local artist, write about why we like them, and then ask [...]

Kendra McKinley releases new album ‘Treat’

I find myself at 27 — the death throes of a decade — as a pop music fan who still loves pop music, but no longer gets all that excited about it. Perhaps it’s a 'kids these days' symptom, an unbearable realization that nothing today will ever match the nostalgia for lost youth. Part of me genuinely doesn't believe that anything will live up to the thrill of being 15 and ignorant and hungry for new sounds, digging through vinyl crates at Amoeba and stumbling upon Electric Ladyland or Quadrophenia or Songs in the Key of Life, works nearly impossible [...]

Kendra McKinley dials up the sweetness in “Honey” video

There's still no official release date for her promised sophomore record Treat, but we get another look into the sweetly dramatic musical life of Kendra McKinley with her brand new video for "Honey." Right off the heels of her video release for "Party Mask," McKinley is at it again with '60s flair with a video that's set up like a vintage Bond movie: psychedelic cut screens, stark zoom-outs on McKinley as the subject in calculatedly seductive garb, and roaming bass lines and skittering drums that would be at home on any classic soundtrack. But what shakes up the classic Bond [...]

Kendra McKinley debuts video for sultry single “Party Mask”

There's a handful of news tidbits from the Kendra McKinkley camp. For one, she has a new video for single "Party Mask," and it's a sublime little masterpiece that features the lush string accompaniment of fellow San Francisco locals Amaranth Quartet. Two, it's the first single off her new record Treat, which is due out in June of this year. Recorded at Tiny Telephone studios, the video emulates the black-and-white aesthetic of classic noir style and is in itself quite simple: It's comprised of shots of her and the quartet playing in the studio, some with her joining the other [...]

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Nicholas Schneider’s best musical moments of 2015

Where the hell did this year go? I’m sure we all say this by the time Christmas rolls around, rearing its pimply, red-and-green-splotched face, reminding us to stimulate the economy by buying stuff that’s just gonna end up in a trash can or forgotten on some already over-cluttered shelf by this time next year. But, all ranting aside, this year did zip by particularly fast for me. Entering my first year of grad school, there were many late-night seminars that found me physically exhausted from a weekend of shows, struggling to dissect the deeper themes inherent in Melville’s short stories [...]

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