Neeto remixes Kat Robichaud’s “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

It's always fun to hear remixes of popular music, but it's even more fun to hear remixes of local Bay Area musicians. In comes Neeto, the other project of Bear Lincoln's Ben Einstein, who is making a concerted effort to highlight the talent that we have in the Bay Area by remixing their work. His first track? One originally by former The Voice contestant, Kat Robichaud. "For what its worth, this remix was born out of Balanced Breakfast - and making an active effort to remix other local artists' work, and to encourage other people to do the same," said Einstein, "The first time I [...]

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Kat Robichaud to bring her Misfit Cabaret to the Great Star Theater

Kat Robichaud needs your help to keep art alive and weird in San Francisco. Chinatown's Great Star Theater, built in 1925 and originally used to house traditional Chinese operas, is a historic staple in the city...but it needs to throw some big, successful shows to keep its doors open. That's why Robichaud has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to bring her wonderfully strange variety show Misfit Cabaret to the landmark venue. She has sold out numerous shows at smaller venues, but the Great Star would mark the first time that the Cabaret, which includes everything from burlesque theatrics [...]

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The Uneasy Truth: Financials of local bands

The Berkeley Haas School of Business is probably an unlikely place to find an aspiring musician, but that’s exactly where Zach Briefer found himself, staring down 9-to-5 mundanity and the white-collar purgatory of banking or accounting. “I knew two things,” he tells me, musing about his undergraduate days. “I didn’t want to work in an office, and I wanted to do something with music.” Briefer didn’t go into banking or accounting. He went into rock n’ roll, and it’s probably no surprise that he and his bandmates in Pistachio treat the band like a full-time job — a business with [...]

Nick’s five favorite Bay Area releases of 2015

Ever since I started writing for The Bay Bridged I have become hopelessly insulated from the larger national music trends. Lately, all my music recommendations to friends and family have consisted almost exclusively of local acts, and ever since I stopped working at a record store I no longer have any idea of what constitutes mainstream tastes. And I don't think I'm missing much. I haven't cared about Adele since she butchered a Bond theme, Jamie XX is about as emotionally engaging as a Christopher Nolan flick, and Grimes sounds like a parody of modern pop, like music you would [...]

Kat Robichaud releases video for “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

Kat Robichaud, proud owner of the Bay Area's best voice, has a new music video out for her heartstring-puller "Why Do You Love Me Now?". Inspired by the classic '70s horror flick Carrie (forget that banal remake from two years ago) and shot in one breathless, continuous take, it is a simmering marvel that impresses without feeling over-produced or utterly pretentious. The slow motion effect and fluorescent white backdrop gives the video an ephemeral vibe, the fickle nature of popularity represented as a kind of vacuous purgatory. Climaxing with a hellish conclusion, this is one you won't be able to [...]

Interview: Kat Robichaud on her new album, pop culture, and David Bowie

It’s hard not to like Kat Robichaud, especially when she starts singing Bowie’s “Lady Grinning Soul” over the phone and then proceeds to rhapsodize about the brilliance of Aladdin Sane. “That beautiful piano intro, the way it makes the hair on your arm stand up,” she gushes, “It’s a song that picks you up for four gorgeous minutes then gently drops you back down to earth.” It was my how-much-of-a-Bowie-fan-are-you-really question and she passed easily. I already liked her because of her latest album, the eccentric glam rock/pop epic Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits, but now I was in [...]

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