Karmen Buttler premieres new single “All These Lights”

Karmen Buttler has charted her way through some of the more notable spheres in the San Francisco Bay Area folk-pop, singer-songwriter sphere. Playing at places like TRI Studios, where she both hosted a live-stream performance and recorded her full-length Daze of Love, Buttler's soft vocals, emotional stage presence, and unforgettable guitar melodies have paved their own way toward a unique, yet familiar, sound. Coming off of the release of her full-length, Buttler has a new single titled "All These Lights", which is a near-enlightenment type of song, featuring 6 minutes of blissful and building instrumentation,  an elegant vocal accompaniment and an overall [...]

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Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/SF_Songwriters_2015_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters (Podcast #361) It's not entirely clear why a remarkable new wave of singer-songwriters has begun to emerge in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, but we certainly aren't complaining. Other genres may fall more in and out of vogue, but a wide array of local songwriting talents influenced by folk, rock, blues, pop, and psych are performing regularly in places like Viracocha, Doc's Lab, and The Chapel, and banding together for showcases like the Fog City Songwriters series of quarterly events. While veteran performers like Lia Rose and The Sam Chase regularly [...]

The Coffis Brothers, The Lady Crooners and Karmen Buttler take over Slim’s

A night full of family bands will be taking over Slim's this weekend, bringing some Americana, folk, and pop music. It's gonna be great. The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men are headlining, taking their soulful, jam-band roots to the stage and filling the night with a country/folk/rock n' roll hybrid that is pounding.  The Lady Crooners will be carrying along as main support, offering a folk-pop sound laced with country sensibilities and some indelible croonin'. Their most recent release, The Surface, is filled with romantic ditties that are catchy, sing-along tunes. Karmen Buttler's smooth, crisp and pop-laden sound opens the show. [...]

Listen to Karmen Buttler’s ‘Daze of Love’

Local artist Karmen Buttler just released her album, Daze of Love. The result is a compilation of slow singer-songwriter songs that feature Buttler's smooth, soft voice, and a simple and elegant sound. It's difficult to find an artist who truly masters the modest nature of having a guitar, a mic, and their voice. However, Buttler navigates the crux perfectly, seeming to shine above the masses of singer-songwriters who fill café open mics. The honest truth is, there's not much to it. It's bare boned. It's not intricate. But that makes it all the better, creating a tasteful, exquisite sound. Songs like "Blue Little [...]

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