The multi-talented Cehryl is Throwin’ Bo’s’ June centerpiece

Poetic on paper and in the studio, singer-songwriter Cehryl (pronounced 'Cheryl') is superbly talented within many facets of music and mood-making. A well-traveled individual (born in Hong Kong, currently residing in Los Angeles via the UK and Boston), the artist rose to the surface with her single "Side Effects" after finding distribution support from ARIMÉ (formerly Fête Records), home to a crop of young, promising artists sporting retro vibes such as Mac Ayres and Cautious Clay. On the resulting EP, "wherever it may be," Cehryl embarks on producing soulful pop vibes that attribute to her ability to craft emotive, thoughtful [...]

Get To Know: Just Rese

Just Rese is a rapper coming out of Oakland. He's put out a series of singles since 2014, and he's playing at Southside Festival presented by The Bay Bridged and Imprint.City on May 19. With the perfect mix of contemporary R&B and funk riding Just Rese's style, he stands out among more mainstream Soundcloud rappers. His music really reflects the changing themes in hip-hop — ever since artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Frank Ocean began dedicating entire projects to typically taboo topics in rap, such as romantic frustrations, it's allowed musicians like Just Rese to blossom. “My songs have [...]

Mixtape: Bay Area Musicians to Watch in 2018

This episode first ran on Download: Mixtape: Bay Area Musicians to Watch in 2018 (Podcast #421) Despite the many challenges that unfortunately failed to disappear at the end of 2017, one bright spot for 2018 is the wealth of emerging Bay Area musicians and bands poised for significant growth this year. This mix showcases fourteen of our picks for local artists to watch in the coming months, with highlights in a variety of genres, including hip hop, electronic pop, folk and punk. Several of the acts included here released acclaimed projects in 2017. Rose Droll's debut EP Photograph [...]

Just Rese’s “Groov” isn’t just for dance floors in video premiere

The tension is high at the start of Just Rese's music video for his latest single, "Groov," but the air soon turns funky as the rhythm (and whatever blurred-out substance the subjects consume) kicks in. The Wax Roof-produced track is a concoction of warbling guitar licks and woozy synth chords, backed with a dance floor-friendly beat to nicely couch the Oakland artist's rap-and-sing switch-off throughout the song. The video is directed by Amira Hadiya and styled by Phlemuns, a designer and stylist who works closely with Solange. As we mentioned when we first debuted, the song implies the dance floor [...]

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Oakland rapper Just Rese debuts the first single from ‘HIPS’ EP

Churches, temples, synagogues — houses of worship are revered as places of peace, of finding solace or comfort with a higher being. Dance floors, on the other hand, are sacred spaces of another kind. They're a platform to channel energies, release inhibitions (sober or otherwise) and in Just Rese's case, connect with somebody on a sonic level. In his latest track, "Groov," the Oakland rapper croons, "don't think about it too much." He's lost his phone, apprehension on high, but the antidote might be the perfect dance partner he's found in that same moment, so the song says, "I might be [...]

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