Shredification: Spring Metal Preview

Spring is wending its way towards San Francisco, and the improved weather will be accompanied by an array of exciting metal albums and the tours that follow in their wake. Bands both local and national will have new wares on display -- here are a few of the choicest to anticipate. Jucifer - Throned in Blood (April 6th, 2010, Nomadic Fortress Records) No matter how many times I enumerate Jucifer's essential details, they're still completely captivating. To wit, Amber Valentine and Edgar Livengood are the world's heaviest husband-and-wife team. As if that weren't quirky-cool enough, they're also officially nomadic, having [...]

Weekdays at Annie’s: Enforcer 9/2, Jucifer 9/3

Two raucous shows back to back at Annie's Social Club last week; it's hard not to feel bad for the Folsom Street venue's upstairs neighbors.  Whore for Satan Productions put together an atypical bill last Wednesday, replacing their usual down-tuned fare with something more high-pitched, and high octane. The ambiance evoked a bygone era, an uneasy time straddling the chasm between bell-bottomed, hedgerow-bustling 70's metal acts and the thrash and sleaze-glam that were to follow by the mid-eighties.  Interstitial bands like The Scorpions, Accept, and Saxon prefigured the popularity of these later trends, and the night unfolded in their image. [...]

Jucifer: Thursday @ Annie’s Social Club

Jucifer is the loudest band I've ever seen, which is no mean feat. Despite having only two members and no permanent home base (instead proudly proclaiming themselves “nomadic”), the husband-and-wife team truck around a veritable wall of amplifiers, girding the back of the stage in wattage at every gig. Amber Valentine handles guitar and vocals, while skinsman Edgar Livengood plays drums that look more like cauldrons or industrial cable spools, the better to cut through the fuzz. Underscoring Valentine's elastic, screaming-to-crooning vocals with explosive, digressive doom metal, the pair run roughshod over a dozen genres — the only constant is [...]

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