Review + Photos: Allison Crutchfield and Vagabon at Rickshaw Stop

Allison Crutchfield (photo: James Chan) First thing's first: Never pay to go into a show if all you're going to is stand by the front and act like it's OK to play catch-up with your friends. Please do not speak during the band. Please take the conversation outside — don't just take it to the bar, go outside, and keep going until you no longer can speak. Thank you. This show was really important to me, because not only had I been waiting for it since it was announced, but I really needed to be there. I needed to hear [...]

Mixtape: New Directions in San Francisco Bay Area Punk

This mixtape was first published on Download: Mixtape: Rocking the Latest in San Francisco Bay Area Punk (Podcast #397) From the Dead Kennedys and Crime to Operation Ivy and Green Day -- to say nothing of countless pioneering and influential bands -- the Bay Area's punk legacy looms large over the genre. Even today, a wide variety of local bands continue to breathe new life into punk's many forms, with groups like Joyride!, Los Huaycos, and Butanna offering up vital new takes on pop-punk, skate-punk, and politically-charged punk rock, respectively. Equally impressive, though, are the sizable number of [...]

Giveaway: P.S. Eliot reunite for a series of concerts, one being at SF’s very own Rickshaw Stop

My love for the Crutchfield sisters knows no boundaries, because their music breaks them all. They've got the bedroom pop, emo, indie folk, and even feminist DIY punk stained into their skin and to the skins of their listeners. P.S. Eliot was their first band to break the boundaries in their world, my world, and in all of those that follow their career with arms wide opened. So of course I screamed with joy when it popped up on my Facebook feed that P.S. Eliot is coming back. They're playing a limited amount of reunion shows and one of them is [...]

Mixtape: Hidden Gems from San Francisco Music in 2014 Download: Mixtape: Catching Up With Some Former Locals (Podcast #350) 2014 was another great year for releases from Bay Area bands, but some of the year's most impressive releases may not have initially received the attention they deserved. Those sorts of oversights are understandable given the volume of new albums coming out year-round. Still, as we approach the time of year when people naturally begin assembling their "Best of 2014" lists, it seemed like the right point to look back at ten of the year's most interesting local releases that may not have gotten their due when they arrived. [...]

Joyride! releases new LP ‘Bodies of Water’

The first time I saw San Francisco's Joyride! was with San Jose's recently broken up Sourpatch. And from then on, it's easy to say that I was hooked. Come September 18, the female-fronted punk band with poppier influences will have released their third album, Bodies of Water. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley from Atomic Garden, the release has become readily available by the likes of Lauren Records and Salinas Records. There's a certain wiseness and power in the band's lyrics, and an unabashed honesty that's reticent of a person divulging a passage from their diary. Joyride! confronts insecurities [...]

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When city living gets you down, hear “City Slicker” from Joyride!

If you enjoy super-catchy punk-pop and you aren't familiar with SF's Joyride!, then you're really missing out. The group's self-titled LP is dynamite from top to bottom, but "City Slicker" is currently a favorite of mine. If you've ever had any frustrations with urban life, I think you'll be able to identify with it too. I found myself playing the song on repeat during a recent morning transit meltdown, with the lines "There's not much room to breathe / I don't blame you for wanting to leave" hitting a significant bit harder than they'd landed before. For what it's worth, [...]

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Mixtape: 2014 San Francisco Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore Download: Mixtape: 2014 San Francisco Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore (Podcast #334) In 2012, ancient by Internet standards, we showcased a mixtape of local punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that featured terrific groups like Ceremony, Loma Prieta, Terry Malts, Wild Moth, and Synthetic ID. Since then, we've seen a number of promising new bands emerge -- Scraper, Creative Adult, and others we've showcased on the podcast in the interim -- but it felt like high time to do a deeper dive back into Bay Area punk. This mix includes twenty-two Bay Area punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that we haven't [...]

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