Giveaway: The Lower 48 head to Slim’s on Thursday with LA’s Branches and more

I know, I know - it's tough. If you're anything like me, then at least once a week you flop onto the nearest mattress after work still in a jacket, shoes, and mittens, and hibernate hard. You shuffle out, make yourself some comfort food à la Kraft, and hunker down for anti-social bliss. But listen up. The Lower 48, Branches, Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, and Travis Hayes and The Young Daze all want to serenade you at Slim's this Thursday. You could stare at a screen at home (after staring at a screen at work) OR you could let truly talented [...]

Celebrate the full moon with Joshua Cook

The first full moon of 2014 will grace the sky tomorrow night, giving all you weirdos out there an excuse to get extra wild. Come celebrate at Bottom of the Hill, where Joshua Cook & the Key of Now will be soundtracking the festivities along with the Bay Area outfits Be Calm Honcho and Drivers. Still riding high after the November release of his debut LP, Misadventures Part One, Josh crafts his own rock and roll aesthetic with sharp soul and blues sensibilities, resulting in a sound that can be enjoyed by all types of misfits. If you dig rock and roll that [...]

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Interview: The misadventures of Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a hard man to describe, but only because his energy is so tangible. He's an artist to the core, a creator and conveyer of passion, grace, humility. An animated and authentic storyteller. A wanderer with an eye for California and an ear for rock and roll. His vitality simmers in conversation as it is when he's on stage, owning a sound he calls "rock 'n' roll, deep soul, hard R&B." I met up with Josh with the intention of discussing his debut album of his new band The Key of Now, which is ready to be unleashed at a [...]

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See Joshua Cook (formerly of The Soft White Sixties) and his band The Key of Now during their September residency

Former lead guitarist and back-up vocalist of The Soft White Sixties, Joshua Cook is a veteran of soul-infused rock and roll. He stripped his sound down but turned the blues up for his solo band, The Key of Now, a project he officially introduced earlier this year with the debut single "All Bad Things." Along with a drummer and bassist, Cook sounds and looks comfortable as the front man of his own outfit, driving each rhythm and blues-flavored tune with attitude-drenched vocals and endless guitar licks. Though The Key of Now is just getting started, the band secured a month-long residency [...]

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