Mixtape: New SF Bands with Great Musical Resumes

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Musical_Resumes_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: New SF Bands with Great Musical Resumes (Podcast #344) In a scene as active as the San Francisco Bay Area, it's not uncommon to learn that the members of your favorite band are also involved in other musical projects. It's also not surprising to see bands break up, burn out or go through significant lineup changes, enabling former players to explore new terrain on their own. All of this means that a number of newer bands with unfamiliar names might have some familiar faces -- or, perhaps more appropriately, voices -- involved. It also means that if [...]

Joshua Cook and Survival Guide play DNA Lounge

After spending their summer on the road, circling Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver, Park City, Lawrence and back through the Bay, Joshua Cook & the Key of Now are bringing their swanky bar room blues to DNA Lounge on Friday, August 15. Joining the powerpop trio is Emily Whitehurst, who crafts electronically-tinged indie pop tunes under the moniker Survival Guide. Recently heard on Travis Hayes's debut LP Young Daze, the singer/songwriter owns a flexible style guide that transitions seamlessly from piano ballads to indie rock nuggets with subtle undercurrents of post-hardcore and dark wave. The night will also feature the acoustic pop stylings of Kitten Grenade, [...]

Don’t forget: Celebrate the SF music scene Saturday at Not Dead Yet Fest!

"Everybody's moving to L.A." "All the art is happening in Oakland." "This place is dead anyway." No matter where you look these days, someone's singing the death knell of not only the San Francisco music scene, but San Francisco as we know it. If you believed most commentators, you'd picture the City as a seven-mile-by-seven-mile wasteland full of Mark Zuckerberg clones renting studios for $5K per month, applying for permits to build a Walmart on every corner from North Beach to Lake Merced, and namby-pamby former suburbanites petitioning to have every music venue shut down for excessive noise. Well, the [...]

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