Awkward Convos with Beejus: Josh Chase (again)

Awkward Convos, how we've missed thee. This week sees the return of Josh Chase, cannabis-world entrepreneur and owner of the Have a Heart dispensary in downtown Oakland (don't forget dispensaries are still open). Beejus had him over, this time to talk about their hopes, fears, and silver linings about and in these crazy days. *Ed. note: The Bay Bridged would like to remind you to practice social distancing and wash your hands!

Awkward Convos with Beejus: Josh Chase

Happy Wednesday, friends. Today's Awkward Convos with Beejus talks to Oakland native Josh Chase. Perhaps you've seen that brand new, mural-wrapped dispensary off of 880? Thank him for it. Beejus talks to the entrepreneur about how he's changing the business landscape of the city, and how he went from being a college baseball hopeful to a passionate cannabis advocate.

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