Premiere: Jordannah Elizabeth, ‘The Warmest Low’

Jordannah Elizabeth has lived in and out of the Bay Area for a couple years now. She currently lives in Baltimore, is in San Francisco as I write, and will back in Baltimore shortly after this is published — she's here to play two shows, give a lecture, then back again. And amid the shuffle she's released two songs, "The Requiem/The Water" and "Didn't Play It feat. Dave Heumann." The Warmest Low (Single One) is her newest release and earliest glimpse at her forthcoming album, The Warmest Low, a project she also plans to release in the form of a chapter book, a nonfiction [...]

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Jordannah Elizabeth releases ‘Borders’ in memoriam of Charleston Shootings

As a testament of pain and a charting of the current times we're faced with in the midst of gun violence and a larger sentiment of racial tensions, Jordannah Elizabeth's newest EP, Borders, is a sit down and grieve and heal type of release. Specifically released as a tribute to those who were victims and targets of the mass shooting that occurred on June 17 of this year at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church  in Charleston, South Carolina, the four-track EP charts the pain and love that comes out of a devastating event such as this. From the gospel sound of [...]

Al Lover remixes Jordannah Elizabeth’s “A Prayer for Black America”

Al Lover’s remix of Jordannah Elizabeth’s "A Prayer for Black America" sways along with uneasy optimism, teetering at the intersection of dance, soul, and psychedelia, not unlike the achingly beautiful original. The song is slow tempo-wise, but it's 'heavy'. This is a word that gets used a lot, but this song genuinely seems to weigh a ton, without sounding aggressive or explicitly emotive — it's just hard to imagine anything preventing the song from going, and going, and going. Jordannah Elizabeth's voice is brought front and center slowly and assuredly, a voice pushing and pulled by the bleary, lethargic swell around it. Other than the relaxed bpm, the music beneath [...]

Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters Download: Mixtape: Spotlight on San Francisco Singer-Songwriters (Podcast #361) It's not entirely clear why a remarkable new wave of singer-songwriters has begun to emerge in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, but we certainly aren't complaining. Other genres may fall more in and out of vogue, but a wide array of local songwriting talents influenced by folk, rock, blues, pop, and psych are performing regularly in places like Viracocha, Doc's Lab, and The Chapel, and banding together for showcases like the Fog City Songwriters series of quarterly events. While veteran performers like Lia Rose and The Sam Chase regularly [...]

Win tickets to see Kirpatrick Thomas, Jordannah Elizabeth at Hotel Utah

A night filled with psychedelic music, enticing visuals, and a film screening: what else could you want? Join local artists, Kirpatrick Thomas of Spindrift, and the California Raga Association for the release Jordannah Elizabeth's new album, A Rush and a special screening of the film, Spindrift: Ghost of the West. In the full swing of the psychedelic feels for the night, Kirpatrick Thomas will be bringing some western cinematic rock n' roll, holding still some of the Spindrift-esque sensibilities. Elizabeth will be bringing her soul and R&B infused roots to the table, adding her aria-like vocals to the mix. And the California [...]

Jordannah Elizabeth revs up for new album, A Rush

It was a nice, brisk San Francisco morning when I met up with Jordannah Elizabeth in West Portal, a shop and restaurant-filled neighborhood that was beaming with people walking the streets. After a couple of years of being bicoastal, Elizabeth settled down in the west coast within the last year, making San Francisco her home. After releasing Bring To The Table this summer, Elizabeth is gearing up for a new album titled A Rush. "The first memory I have with music is singing in the choir when I was 4 or 5," said Elizabeth. Since then, she's started her own record label, [...]

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New psych-folk from Jordannah Elizabeth: “Six Years”

Local psych-folk artist Jordannah Elizabeth will be releasing her full length album Bring To The Table at the end of this month, but in the meantime, has supplied The Bay Bridged with an exclusive premiere of her new single, "Six Years." Elizabeth's voice is haunting and stately, layered atop a background of strings, a resonating guitar riff, and an addictive rhythm. "Six Years" is a painstakingly alluring song that is hard to ignore. Elizabeth's impressive vocal range and capabilities are put into the limelight, where she shows her ability to hit out of range notes and and operatic aria-like falsetto. The [...]

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