Bob Mould brings ‘Workbook,’ Zach Rogue, and Jon Ginoli to the Great American Music Hall

Excuses, excuses,  I'll spare you most of them.  Let's just say I was really looking forward to hearing Warehouse.  Twenty-five years later, '87's Warehouse (Husker Du's last album) and '89's Workbook (Mould's first solo record) sounded too similar to my frazzled brain to differentiate.  Workbook is where I parted ways with Bob Mould. As a major fan of Husker Du, it seemed Mould was getting in touch with his inner Richard Thompson. They were tough times for music. In 1985, The Minutemen's D. Boon had died and The Replacements fired Bob Stinson (who died 10 years later). The Replacements released their biggest disappointment Don't [...]

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