Wreche: New music of the future

Don't listen to this now! Take a drive on some open road and play this at maximum volume. Or lie down, close your eyes, and put on headphones at least. This is Wreche, the latest sounds from local piano guru John Steven Morgan and LA drummer extraordinaire Barret Baumgart. It is being called "black metal" ‐ but wait! ‐ this record is unique and perhaps a proper genre title does not exist yet. The instrumentation is almost entirely piano and drums. Both instruments are beaten to a pulp — literally. You can hear the piano wires being ripped out as [...]

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Review + Photos: John Steven Morgan serenades Davies Symphony Hall

John Steven Morgan (photo: Ria Burman) John Steven Morgan can usually be found around the streets of San Francisco and Oakland playing tenderly on a beat-up beaut of a piano. Original tunes emerge from key choices such as light, bouncy ditties and powerfully thunderous dramatic pieces. Any which way you catch it, spin it, see it, or hear it, John Steven Morgan will spellbind and enthrall with piano-finger-fast musical mastery. A different kind of performance found John in the Davies Symphony Hall on Wednesday 25th Jan for a Symphonix member's party, where he performed original tracks from his second album, [...]

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