Random, Happy Memories of 2011

Some years are great for shows – like 2008. Some are great years for albums, like 2009. But this was a great year for both, from the start. In the order I remembered them: Family Crest – My Living Room; 9/11 Duh. Can you believe this alterna-dad cream dream supreme? A stalwart and happy-go-lucky nonet of classically trained musicians show up at my house to play their lovely, life-affirming chamber pop on the anniversary of 9/11 and my teenage son sits in on clarinet? You just had to be there. But then we would have run out of pasta much [...]

Photos & Review: Joan as Police Woman @ Cafe Du Nord, 5/25/11

Last week, we, reporters of local artists primarily, were sent down the always challenging steps of the Cafe Du Nord to cover Brooklyn's Fiery Furnaces. Why? Because it was an event that sent a charge through the locals. It meant something to us. Last night's capacity crowd here greeted Joan Wasser, aka Joan as Police Woman, with no less loyal, loving enthusiasm - and rightly so. It was a transcendent, ecstatic celebration of one of the true greats of our time - and we do not throw these terms around casually. Joan as Police Woman - "The Magic" Joan played [...]

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