King Dream pushes the big red reset button on “Return to Zero”

photo: Giant Eye Photography Like the rest of us, musicians had to make the great pivot in 2020. For Jeremy Lyon of King Dream, whose average week stacked multiple shows with different bands, playing solo, private events, parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, you name it — the shift to "work-from-home" was, well, rather extreme. And yet, he's been keeping pretty busy. The shows — albeit remote ones — are still there. Sometimes they're live on the web, sometimes pre-recorded and rebroadcast. One day it's for Social Distance Live, the Bay Area-based affair that bands together many local artists covering a famous [...]

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The undeclared Jeremy Lyon

(photo: L. Herrada-Rios) Jeremy Lyon is 26 years old. This isn’t particularly remarkable information — lots of people are 26 — until he talks about his band’s breakup. He does so with a breezy, casual air, one dark night at Kingfish in Oakland. “Pat joined Con Brio, and then rob joined Soft White Sixties...I started teaching, started being kind of a local working musician, full-time musician...and I started working on my own thing.” This is also unremarkable information — lots of bands break up — unless you understand that the band he's talking about, Tumbleweed Wanderers, were one of the [...]

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