Japanese Breakfast performing with Mitski and Jay Som for upcoming Bay Area shows

It’s the great irony of tragedy that it imparts a desire to be isolated from the outside world in tandem with hoping to escape your own thoughts. You don’t want to have to be a person to other people; to have to perform to their expectations of sorrow or put on a mask of resilience. But you also don’t want to be alone — to have to begin the process of processing — and to face that inevitable task of making sense of what seems senseless. It is on these occasions many of us turn to music as a bridge [...]

Mixtape: Highlights and More from South by Southwest 2016

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/SXSW_2016_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Highlights from South by Southwest 2016 (Podcast #382) Every March, thousands of aspiring bands flock to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest Music, a week-long event functioning as part conference, part music festival, and an all-around great opportunity to sample some of the world's best acts. The sheer number of options blanketing the Texas capital during the festival can be overwhelming, but it remains one of the premier places to discover new and emerging bands. That's the view from a music fan's perspective, mind you. For a musician, the degree to which South by Southwest performances might [...]

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