Editors’ Picks: What We’ve Been Listening to This Week (Mikal Cronin, Weekend, James The Giant)

Anna: All Mikal Cronin, all day long. I cannot explain why or how this happens, but Mikal's MCII has the ability to both energize and soothe, acting as the perfect antidote to the stressed and weary brain. I cannot get enough of this record. I'm not prone to saying things like "is it too early to call this my favorite album of 2013?!?!" . . . but there it is. (P.S. If you haven't already, be sure to watch Mikal's recent performance on CONAN.)   Ben: It still feels a little weird to tack on "Brooklyn-via-" [...]

Stream James The Giant's debut EP before it's released

If there’s one characteristic that divides good folk music from cheesy, hokey folk, it’s the songwriter’s openness to delivering songs that sound simple and honest. James The Giant certainly falls in the category of the former, fearless in giving his music the strength of basic, raw folk. The album’s concept cuts to a story that is raw as any folk standard. “Two Weeks on the Ocean”, the first single off James The Giant’s self titled EP, delivers the true story of the singer/songwriter’s loss of his little brother to the war in Afghanistan in 2009. The song paints a picture [...]

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