Review: J. Tillman, Little Wings, Phosphorescent @ Bottom of the Hill 7/28/10

On Wednesday, July 28th at Bottom of the Hill, J. Tillman sat alone onstage with his guitar and a cymbal (that went almost completely unused). The crowd was so enraptured they were silent. The only thing you heard besides him was beer being poured. Tillman played almost exclusively new songs, for which he apologized. In-between songs he was like a folky stand-up. He had the audience in stitches, and was making the ladies swoon. The girls behind me wanted to jump his flannel. The new songs were good, but didn’t take the form of traditional songs. Each song was a [...]

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: J. Tillman and Califone

Friday December 4th - J. Tillman (of Fleet Foxes /Mr. Mind Eraser 3000) & Pearly Gate Music @ Great American Music Hall J. Tillman - "Though I Have Wronged You" To enter send an email to with your full name and the phrase "I want to see J. Tillman!" in the subject line. The EIGHTH person to enter will win a pair of tickets. Monday Dececmber 7th - A Multimedia Event with Califone @ Great American Music Hall Touring behind the release of their sixth full-length album, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers, Califone comes to the [...]

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