Review: Manicato @ Cafe du Nord 6/13

I am not going to say much more about Manicato's performance this past Saturday (6/13) than can be seen here. The audience was certainly grooving, and this despite a less-than-stellar turnout; the band did well to combat what can sometimes be a stifling air of self-consciousness in the Du atmosphere, especially when the crowd's a little thinner than it ought to be. No surprise, considering one cannot help but dance to their music; however awfully, you will shake it to the horns, improvised vocals by a father-son duo [soneros Israel y Cris Matos], the stuff of real romance and/but groovy [...]

Go See Manicato: This Saturday at Du Nord

Go see Israel Matos and his band Manicato at Cafe Du Nord this Saturday, June 13th. It's a mystery how their music is yet undiscovered to so many San Francisquegnos, especially considering they've been around since '04. [Where is the blasted tilde on this putamadre of a cpu, Steve?] I caught up with Israel a couple weeks ago in the Mission and this is what he had to say by an obligatory 10-question shakedown. It must be stated however that this interview provides really only a much abbreviated paraphrase, which will be expanded upon soon but in the meantime have [...]

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