Of Bands and Baseball: Bay Area bands talk local teams, SF edition

In case you missed it, we're taking this month to talk baseball with some of our favorite Bay Area bands. This week, we've rounded up a batch of Giants fans. Check last week's post to see which Bay Area bands back Oakland. DJ Gilmore of Innings State your team: San Francisco Giants How and when did you become baseball fans? I think we all became fans after we moved to the Bay Area and got sucked into the fever of baseballin’ the city. We would listen to Jon Miller call games on the radio while we worked shitty factory jobs. [...]

Get to Know: Innings

Not long ago, we told you about Hafner, a bunch of baseball obsessed dudes who played hella loud music. Turns out there's another local band that's both obsessed with baseball and playes music a bit on the heavy side: San Francisco's Innings. While Hafner's vocals are especially loud, Innings gets the bulk of their meat from fat-bottomed, sludgy guitars. Here's a taste: / / / I N N I N G S / / / by / / / I N N I N G S / / / Innings began as a solo project for singer and guitarist DJ [...]

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