Family Matinee at Bottom of the Hill w/No Age and White Circle Crime Club

Words by: Jake Butler Photos by: Nicole L. Browner My first show in San Francisco was an all ages show at Bottom of the Hill. Coming back for this afternoon show to close out my own personal Noise Pop experience brought things full circle in a sense. Making the trek from the East Bay was a bit daunting at first, as even with all my magical powers, I couldn't keep God's tears at bay (translation: it was dumping rain). My hesitation almost ruined the day for me, as I barely made it as the last badgeholder to be let in. [...]

Noise Pop: Sunday Preview!

It will be sad to see Noise Pop end, but they will indeed go out with a bang. Two shows punctuate Sunday's Noise Pop festival. At 1pm, No Age (LA) will headline a show at Bottom of the Hill with White Circle Crime Club (Belgium), Infinite Body (LA) and Veil Veil Vanish. No Age plays a raucous and infecting type of power-punk that's quite naturally produced in LA. If you want education about the more esoteric aspects of punk, check out this show, as they may soon be the master's. $12. No Age - "Teen Creeps" The last [...]

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