Beyond the Bay: Iceland Airwaves thrives on serendipity and schnapps

Anna of the North (photo: Ian Young) We take music discovery north (way north!) of the Bay to check out the best up-and-coming artists from Iceland, Europe, and beyond. The end of October tends to mark the arrival of some self-evident truths. The World Series. Crisper weather. Pumpkin spice lattes. But for the last five years, it’s meant one thing in particular for me: getting ready for Iceland Airwaves. Airwaves, which began in an airplane hangar in 1999, is a showcase festival that attracts over a hundred up-and-coming Icelandic, international, and American artists — as well as a handful of [...]

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Beyond The Bay: 5 days at Iceland Airwaves

FM Belfast at Iceland Airwaves (all photos: Jon Bauer) I am a person of order and continuity. I like Jeopardy!. Crossword puzzles. Browsing shelving at IKEA. I hate cooking because if the instructions aren’t clear, I can't just season my way out of it. Being late to anything — or worse, being early — literally makes me queasy. This has a lot to do with why I, in general, steer clear of music festivals. Big crowds? No thanks. Elevated decibel count? Ew, no. Port-A-Potties? Not if I can help it. But Iceland Airwaves has been calling to me for a [...]

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