Hudson Bell explores new dimensions with ‘Psychic Breaks’

(photo: Patric Carver) The first time I saw Hudson Bell was years ago at the Starry Plough. I remember being captivated by the hooky charm of his songs — particularly "In a Ball." I was humming it to myself for days afterward. If the fecund ground of pop music is fertilized by earworms, Bell is a masterful composter. However, the ease by which the listener can be comfortable with Bell's songs should not be mistaken for a lack of complexity. His compositions bridge this great divide between being completely familiar without having the slightest hint of predictability. That night, even [...]

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An interview with Hudson Bell and first listen of his new album, ‘Yerba Buena’

Hudson Bell has been a musician for longer than I have been alive, starting out like any of us: in his bedroom. Hudson Bell may be also the name of the man behind everything, but it's also the name of the three-piece with members spread around the Bay Area. Living in the Bay Area, we all have friends in every part, and sometimes they are the friends that help you create and be yourself. It's definitely a separation — sometimes it can seem like hard work just to be around the people you care about the most. Hudson Bell took [...]

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This Week In PR: English accents, an underdressed knight, lots of dogs

This Week In PR is a column curated by Victor Valle and Jody Amable, celebrating the press releases that caught our eye but we couldn't use. Here are some highlights from our inboxes this week. Night Knight's "God Is A Motherfucker" I get a number of press releases from international bands, labels, and PR agencies. That’s fine, despite the fact that I can’t really do much with them most of the time. But getting a press release with a huge photo of some dude with a knight mask and regular street clothes with the words “God Is A Motherfucker” plastered [...]

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