Horrorscopes – "Conundrum"

Most bands say they are influenced by a variety of genres, but with San Francisco's Horrorscopes, you can actually hear that variety of influences in their music. "Most of our songs come from the whole band jamming until we hit a certain groove or catch a certain hook that blows our balls in the straightest way possible," says guitarist Greg Promani. "If everyone's not feeling it, we don't do it." However they developed their sound or whatever you choose to call it, the formula works and can best be understood by simply listening. Check out Horrorscopes' video for "Conundrum" below, [...]

Interview: The Buttercream Gang returns with 'Oh Brother', abum release show at Brick and Mortar Friday, 12/7/12

The Buttercream Gang – Napa-based slingers of Afro-Caribbean-tinged indie rock – released their fourth album Oh Brother in November via their own imprint Pitted Records, and now the band is celebrating with a party at Brick and Mortar this Friday, December 7th. Oh Brother finds a band coming into its own sonically, with the three founding members – Bobby Renz, Robinson Kuntz, and Peter Davies – seamlessly alternating vocal duties and rotating through instrumental obligations, while incorporating unique additions from a bevy of guest musicians. Stream or buy 'Oh Brother' (via Bandcamp): Oh Brother by The Buttercream Gang Renz, Kuntz, [...]

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