Live This Month: September 2017 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts Download: Live This Month: September 2017 (Podcast #414) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. A ton of stellar local bands are featured in this month's mix, including newer acts Club Night, Sea Blite, and Humid, all of which formed just last year. By comparison, Tino Drima got its start way back in 2014, evolving from a duo into the six-piece band whose first LP arrives this month. We've also got new music from the terrific Oakland bands Everyone Is Dirty [...]

The Bay on Bowie: Bay Area bands memorialize the iconic cultural hero

Our beloved Starman has passed on, and as the news has sunk deep into our hearts and minds, we at The Bay Bridged are giving a space for some of our favorite local bands and musicians to dedicate their David Bowie tributes, however they wish to honor him. The consensus, if we could ever come to one? It's quite hard to distill years of Bowie memories into words; many had their sexual awakenings to Bowie's package in Labyrinth; and so many parts of his body of work had a profound impact on people. Read their poignant words below. Derek Barber, Perhapsy/Bells [...]

Oakland’s Horrible/Adorable cover Yo La Tengo, continue to be adorable and not horrible

Horrible/Adorable (photo by Melissa Dale) Oakland-based Horrible/Adorable first came onto my radar when they self-released their EP Amy Understands, which is chock full of lo-fi bubblegum pop gems with über-clever titles and lyrics, like the breakup song titled "He Didn't Even Like Broccoli." They're the kinds of songs that make your twee heart full of joy while giving you a craving for something sweet, which is why their genre moniker "creamsicle dreamsoda poprockz bubblegrunge" makes so much sense. The duo, comprised of Kiki on guitar & vocals and CK on drums & vocals, hasn't released any new material since that [...]

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