What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Feb 3 ― Feb 5

Fully enjoy Miserable's moodiness this Sunday Night at The Make-Out Room. Friday, February 3 Tom Chaplin @ Great American Music Hall Former frontman of Keane returns after an uphill battle and recovery from drug addiction. Come out for a night of "extreme emotion and complete honesty," according to TBB writer Carla Bova. Hibbity Dibbity @ The Chapel Catch the swamp funk masters themselves immediately after the release of Hibbity Dibbity singles "Touchy Feely," "Wildflower Honey," and "Born To Ride." The Gaslamp Killer @ The New Parish Intricate globally influenced psychedelia, The Gaslamp Killer is on Flying Lotus' label, Brainfeeder. Saturday, February [...]

Hibbity Dibbity circles the Bay Area this month

Self-proclaimed procurers of swamp funk Hibbity Dibbity are slated for several Bay Area shows in the coming weeks with a handful of new material in tow. You will have three chances to catch them within an hour of San Jose. The first is this Friday at The Chapel. The second show you will be able to catch is at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley where they open for funk powerhouse The Monophonics, and finally they wrap their February performances with a Thusday night show at Moe's Aley in Santa Cruz on February 16. The San Francisco four piece [...]

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Check out Strange Hotel’s new single, “Tightrope”

Photo by Maciej Makalowski San Francisco-based rockers Strange Hotel have new single out, one that veers in a slightly different direction from their previously established sound. Don't freak — they still rock. It's not like they woke up one morning and decided to go folk, ditching guitars for banjos and drums for a washboard. Consider it an interesting tweak rather than an excessive overhaul. The song is called "Tightrope" and it's a more atmospheric offering from the four-piece, resembling new wave psychedelia more than the old-school vibe they channeled on their eponymous LP. It's a laid-back, slow-burning, tom-driven [...]

Hibbity Dibbity hit the Great American Music Hall with Paisano, Lonesome Locomotive

Coming back from their cross country venture in their indelible bus (aptly named Mo'Reen), Hibbity Dibbity will be celebrating their homecoming from their 11 city, 9 states "Great American Odyssey" tour tonight at Great American Music Hall. For those who haven't caught Hibbity Dibbity live, or who are entertained by the simplicity and catchiness of their name, the band places themselves in a creative place genre-wise. Straddling the line between rock n' roll, swamp rock, funk, and blues, the band engages through a live show that is energetic and ritualistic (not in a weird way, promise). Expect some healing crystals [...]

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Hibbity Dibbity brings swamp funk to The Chapel

San Francisco rock n' roll / self-proclaimed swamp funk band, Hibbity Dibbity, will be hitting The Chapel one more time this month before embarking on a national tour this summer. The band is returning to the venue following their last sold-out album release show, "The Bellyman's Ball," which was filled with foot-stomping blues, head-bobbing funk and good times. As usual, the band will be aiming to delivering a more involved experience, in an effort "to raise the vibrations", as band member Tom Relling describes. He added, when we talked, that "Hibbity Dibbity will preside over a 'Crystal Connection,' a charging of collective energy to reach [...]

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Hibbity Dibbity brings ‘Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs’ to The Chapel tonight!

After a whirlwind of shows around the country, psychedelic rock n' roll blues band Hibbity Dibbity is back in San Francisco and ready to catch us all by storm with the release of their new album, Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs. Coming a year after their debut, self-titled full-length, Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs is a true concoction of psychedelic rock n' roll blues, which the band has so cleverly coined as "Swamp Funk." The album is a blend of traditional rock n' roll sensibilities -- and the distorted, shredding guitars that usually come along with it -- combined with the jam-band feel of some blues [...]

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Hibbity Dibbity brings ‘sweet juju’ to the Boom Boom Room

Amidst the flux of garage rock, electronic music, and indie rock, Hibbity Dibbity are navigating the crux between psychedelic, soul, funk, and good ol' rock 'n' roll. And they'll be bringing their self-proclaimed "sweet juju" sound and vibe to the Boom Boom Room on Fillmore this weekend. The band, coming back from a summer-long tour along the United States, melts together a boiling pot of classic influences, each of which can be found in their most recent, self-titled release. It's a blast from the past, a cluster of sounds that are nostalgic, refreshing, and indelibly catchy. Most importantly, them Hibbity Dibbity [...]

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Hibbity Dibbity releases debut self-titled album

Blues rock is making a comeback, and it's jazzy, funky, and full of soul. Hibbity Dibbity, a former two-piece-acoustic-set-turned-full-band, just released their debut self-titled album. Hibbity Dibbity is electric and dance-worthy, while also serene and calming - a throwback to 60's-70's rock n' roll with a modern twist. Heavy, head-bobbing bass accompanies each song, but is followed by some blues keyboard. Vocal wailing accommodates the wailing electric-guitar riffs. Meanwhile, a time machine portal brings us back to flared jeans and long hair. https://soundcloud.com/hibbity-dibbity/gold "Van Wonder," the third track of the album, contains blaring wah-wah effects, and some classic blues riffs that [...]

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