Musical Pairings: Vibrant and Upbeat Food & Music from The Bay Area

Two descriptive words that come to mind when I think of the Bay Area are the words ‘vibrant’ and ‘upbeat’.   I can’t imagine there are many people who have ever visited here who would disagree with the assertion that the Bay Area is constantly pulsing with energy, optimism and creativity.  Personally, as a transplant to San Francisco,  and also as a well-seasoned traveler, I’m aware of few places in the word that are so progressive and so enthusiastically forward-looking.  In part, it is probably for this reason that so many artists, musicians and culinary visionaries have historically chosen to call [...]

French Kicks, Broken West, Here Here, The Dont’s at the Indie

Words by: Emily Logan Photos by: Reid Williams I love San Francisco. But I have a candid confession to make. Sometimes I get really mad at San Francisco audiences. Whether it's standing stolid before the dancy-est band that's ever come through town or talking as loud as possible while standing in the very front of the floor, I've seen them all. And maybe that's not characteristic of San Francisco per se, but it's frustrating. As the French Kicks played an incredible set at The Independent on Wednesday, the crowd gave them a meager couple of seconds of unenthusiastic clapping after [...]

Noise Pop: Wednesday Night Preview!

Noise Pop's second evening steadies the pace with memorable solo performances at SF's Music Halls-- Stephen Malkmus at the Great American and John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) at the Swedish American  -- but there’s plenty of other great pickings. Sights and Sounds helps contribute to the longwinded philosophical debate of what it truly means to be an artist. Park Life gallery will display the fine art of those we know as musicians, namely Mark Mothersbaugh (Wes Anderson’s go-to composer, and of Devo), Bianca Casady (the Coco, her sister is the Rosie) and our neighborhood pal John Vanderslice, among others. A notable [...]

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